Sunday, 25 January 2015

3/4 of Jan

Hey all! Its been a 3 full weeks of school and truly its still really sickening. Tests are coming up and so is Chinese New Year and majority of my tests are all before cny so its's kinda a torture._.
Also its's around 3/4 of Jan already :/ Why is time flying so quickly:(

Studies aside, CCA wise, we are preparing for the Girl Guides Thinking Day and I can't deny that doing footdrills every session is really tiring :/ But I still really love footdrill hehehe ;D

Not too long ago (17 Jan), my school had our CCA open house. It was a little more fun as I had met new UG friends when I was in sec 2>< So we kinda promoted our CCAs together but more of like me following them around and carrying their rifle xD (haha yes rifle, and yeap their cca is NCC)
As usual, all the UG groups had their performances as well as the performing arts but Girl Guides usually have gadgets built up. But tbh, I kinda wanna perform rather than set up gadgets as I really envy SJAB, NPCC & NCC._, hopes aside, it was rather a meaningful day as we get to bomb each other in the UG>< (e.g the bomb goes like : Girl Guides bomb x2 , Girl Guides bomb to NP bomb)
yeap and it goes on (: HAHA and the UG POWER went ahead to ISH to bully the sports CCAs xD
Bet y'all didn't get what I said >< but nvm haha :D

Besides school stuffs, I attended 2 wedding meals (1 lunch & dinner) with my Dad. And of course going to formal events like those, you have to dress formally. The first wedding lunch was held at Orchid Country Club which is extremely near to my house. Its about a 5 min or less drive to get there. I didn't exactly been there before and I was stunned at how nice it looked inside. Also the Grand Ballroom like it sounds, it was really huge and also really beautiful. The food served tasted fine as I had food poisoning not too long ago and I didn't have much of an appetite. 

here's a picture with the bride & groom (:

The other wedding dinner was held at Marriott Hotel, I kinda rushed home that day to prepare myself as I had CCA that day and thank god they ended at 4.30 . Marriott is an extremely nice and pretty hotel, even the toilet is nice please. I was inside for quite awhile just to take a nice #ootd  xD cause there were many mirrors surrounding the space and I thought it looked nice><

abit shameless but haha oh well :p

The food was still okay but only the dessert stood out as it was ice-cream and it was so cute. Yeap and I had a great evening there (;

On 18 Jan, my relatives invited my family to join them in their birthdays dinner at Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant (its at Ang Mo Kio btw). I truly treasure the time I spend with my relatives as they were the ones who saw me grow up to who I am now and they are always showering me with love <3
The dinner is scrumptious really haha better than the wedding meals I had. And also my little cousins went too and it was so great to see them both (: (haha i love kids!) Well, I had a great dinner with the best company of people and I can't wait to celebrate CNY with them <3

Yeap I guess that's about it and I'm sorry for the late update as I didn't have much time and here I am awake at 3.30am ++ to write this>< 
If you read up till here, ILOVEYOU hehe :*
hehehe thank you so much for reading!
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014 !

omg hi again>< finally~ the time has come to sum up the year. MUAHAHAHA
(that wasnt sapose to be evil but wtv:p) 

not trying to be super negative here but honestly, this year wasn't really as good as last year.. Growing up was always part of going through the year. And by saying growing up, I also mean experiencing more things, discovering more things as well. 
Sometimes, going through certain stuffs can be so hard like friendship problems and also personal ones. But I'm actually really grateful for a few good friends that sticked around through thick and thin with me. 

Been through so much bullshits this year that I'm utterly sick of it. Wishing for the best wont help at all cause giving yourself false hopes are the worst. 
Really sorry for the pessimistic remarks>< I just felt like since its the last i should at least release abit of whats inside me:/

This probably wont be as lengthy as my previous post cause i spent the time on collaging my 2014 photos>< it was actually alot of work but i kinda like the end product though :x 

Once again, 
Thank you all for reading this blog of mine which isn't exactly a very spontaneous one (': but still you guys read it from no matter wherever you are i know where you are reading from and I appreciate it <3 
Thank you my deareast family and relatives for always bringing a smile on my face whenever im sad :D ILOVEYOU GUYS DEEP DEEP OKAY :*

Thank you my friends for being there for me especially joys(ahem). HAHA my dearest mei/sister, you've been a great companion be it in school or just casually playing league or just hanging out with you. I know I may not be the ideal friend of yours cause im super annoying:( but really from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this year (': i look forward to spending 2015 with you since we're in the same class ;D



Saying it for the last time in 2014 xD 
Thank you once again for reading>< pls anticipate more updares next year ;D
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 


Hugs & Kisses ! 

P.S. Do read my previous post on christmas eve + chritmas ( also NOC meet and greet)

christmas eve + christmas

heyyy netizenss! before i sum up the year, lemme share with you some stuffs.

Firstly I wanna share with you how I spent my Christmas><
on xmas eve, i had a nice family party at my aunt's place(: I've never exactly celebrated Christmas this happily before but honestly, i felt so blessed that day that i had a bunch of sweet people around me that will always love me more than i love myself (': and its my utmost pleasure to have them with me <3 
even the food was well prepared that day! we had nice home-cooked beehoon, satay and sushi from Sushi Tei :D
Even though i didn't receive much presents, i still enjoyed my day seeing the big smiles on everyone's faces ('; 

On Christmas itself, I went back to Malaysia with my mum (: The custom's traffic was so smooth and we arrived in Pontian like super quickly>< 
And now, my aunt there she kept a lost kitty at her shop xD and the kitty is SO noisy:( but its also really kawaii. 
its looks so sad being kept inside a cage

haha as usual, we went back to ah ma house :D  it was sort of the opera season there so I was able to catch it>< it was actually the last one of the season already:/ have to wait for another year:(
and i got to eat my fav snack there! 
i have no idea what it is actually><
but oh well, its just super yummyy(: 

the next day, 
my awesome ah yi, she brought my mum and i down to jb for SHOPPING. like yaaas finally shoppingg.
bought quite a number of clothes for myself as the currency rate was super worth plus the clothes there seems quite nice ;D e.g a floral dress*.*
she also brought us to nice places for our lunch and dinner. Tea Garden and Black Canyon Coffee.
Black Canyon is actually Thai food. Its also the nicest Thai food I've ever eaten :D

the following day (last day already)
I had an extremely fantastic seafood lunch at kukup! its been awhile but haha the food as usual was delicious (: 

On 28 Oct ,
yes I've said it hehe. 

And also, if you can see the special guests, they really showed up. ALSO MUNAH AND HIRZI went too T.T
I was beyond happy that day. I also finally saw my fav Viner, Vincent! hehe literally was spazzing when i saw him>< 
in addition, saw my all-time fav malaysian youtuber, Joseph Germani!!! 
huehuehue. I wasnt just happy ,  happy just isn't the right word><  
Ridhwan and Jian Hao went too. Its been so long since I've seen them both (: 
Also I was very glad that i saw those beautiful NOC girls too! they are so gorgeous*.*
Jonathan from cheokbardstudios went too! gawd he's still really funny in reality><

I had a wonderful time there! And really a huge thank you to NightOwl Cinematics for hosting the Meet n Greet and having the special guests! I felt extremely blessed to be able to meet you guys! Thanks again! <3 

I know this seems a little rushed and its a little lengthy already. SO...
my 2014 post will above HAHA. Cause many would view this like in 2015 so haha. 
omg idek what im saying. 

read my new post alright and HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL <3

Thursday, 18 December 2014

mid-december's update (im still alive)

hello all! I know its been really long since I last updated><

been extremely busy for the past 2 weeks:/ Yes, I've been working. Working hard for the one and only thing, MONEY. Not that I'm super in need of it but I still wanted some extra money for myself and also to try out the working life/experience. I would say my work isn't very interesting but more of super boring. At times, I seriously have nothing to do, or I'll have super bad pain on my feet because of the long period of time I spent of on standing. Its definitely not easy to earn money now that I know. Also I met a bunch of new people there at work, they were really nice and friendly and I'm surely gonna miss them. Hopefully I'll be able to try out a different job during next year's holidays.

Other than work, I also had a class chalet. It was my first ever one I had with my friends. It was pretty fun I guess. We didn't sleep just to watch the sunrise and we were so tired after that but at least the tiredness was worth it cause the sunrise scenery were gorgeous.

Moving on~

Got to go back to Malaysia for my relative's birthday celebration. The celebration was kinda huge I would say as there were so many people that were invited and the place was nicely decorated. I would also want a birthday party like that:/ You'll all be invited if I ever have one. :D (party in my dreams maybe thats possible xD) Also that morning, I had a nice Vietnamese breakfast. The food was alright but not as good as the ones I had back in Vietnam. It kinda made me miss Vietnam a little:/
Oh and it was nice catching up with my Malaysian cousins and relatives. (probably more catching up in CNY cause more people)

Next up, I caught up with my primary school friends after so long. Really miss them so much. We played a few games of badminton and after that we went for bowling. Its been so long since we last bowl together and damn it was so fun that day! Surely gonna bowl again when we meet again.. But its gonna be super long till our next meet up together. Hope to see them real soon.

Also, I caught up with another close and super good and bestie friend of mine, TAMI <3
Its been exactly 1 year since we last saw each other. It felt so nice catching up on everything with her and chatting about our life and such. Oh and she finally passed me the snapback that was sitting around in her house for so long xD Thanks again for the cap tamz <3
will really miss the times we spent together as we don't when we meet each other again:/ PLEASE TAKE CARE IN TAIWAN GIRL AND HAVE FUN OKAYZ <3 will miss ya :*

Pretty soon, December is coming to an end. That just simply means school's starting and we've gotta kiss our holidays goodbye soon. Not really anticipating school as much as last year but really can't wait to see those boys in long pants xD
Time had seriously flew past in a blink of an eye and I still cannot believe that I'm gonna have to sum up the year soon. Time kinda has to slow down a little for all of us to enjoy a little longer and appreciate more things.

Oh by the way, I recently have been reading this One Direction fanfiction called, 'Motel 6'. I haven't finish reading it yet but soon though as I only have a few more chapters to go. In the earlier chapters, I gotta admit the story isn't very appealing to me but as I continued reading, I slowly fell in love with the amazing storyline. You guys should totally check that book out on Wattpad! And also I've finished the first book of 'The Infernal Devices' series. 2 more books to go to complete the series. Can't wait to read more actually. (i know.. sounds a little geeky)

Once again, really sorry for this late update but if you read up till here, you know I love you right?:* (i honestly do haha><) hehehe thank you so much for reading!
omg before i forget!>< 
MERRY XMAS EVERYONE! have a great one! see you in my next update(: 
*updatedd xD 
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Vietnam Trip♡

Hey all! So great to be back (:
So this entire post will sum up my October and I'll just be mentioning about my Vietnam Trip!

On the 29 Oct, I left Singapore for Vietnam (lmao i sound so ridiculous). I was on a school trip with my classmates. And we went to Ho Chih Minh City.
As soon as we reached and on our way to lunch, we could already see that there are a lot of motorcycles on the roads and it seems like a bustling city.
After lunch, we visited the Independence Palace. To be very honest, I was trying very hard to listen to what my tour guide was saying but the weather was seriously too warm for me and I was fanning myself non-stop. Well, I wasn't the only one but majority of us were really perspiring madly.
But still, the place is indeed very pretty but we kinda need more fans there. ><

The front view is really pretty because of the fountain :D

After the palace, we visited the War Remnants Museum. We were given some free time to look around the museum by ourselves. The museum showed a lot of information and photos about the war between Vietnam and America. And stuffs like Asian Orange. It was really sad back then and I felt really sorry for them. They were indeed treated very unfairly. It just occurred in my mind that how could one even be so cruel. Till now, the new-borns in Vietnam still suffer from the Asian Orange. 
But sad things aside (omg was i too serious), luckily that place was air conditioned though. Most of us had some time to rest at least. 

Next up was the Water Puppet show, I didn't manage to take pictures because I was really tired and most of the time I was yawning and dozing off. I felt quite bad though but I just couldn't help it xD
But when you have the great company of friends around you is still the best. But it was still fascinating that the actors were literally doing everything underwater. I was really impressed actually.
Its just very cool that everything is done underwater. 

After the show it was dinner and we finally checked in to our hotel. 
Since I partnered up with 2 other friends, my room was a LITTLE spacious but not really that spacious. It was enough for my luggage and me lol xD


Breakfast was buffet like typical hotels so nothing special. First off, we were headed to Cu Chi Tunnel. The bus ride was around 1h 30 min. Sort of fell asleep (no actually i didn't fall asleep I SLEPT). 

The tunnel experience was really overwhelming for me. I never thought one could possibly live underground. It was also really smart for the Vietnamese to build a tunnel like this. It was quite some fun walking through the tunnel even though it was just 20m. I was really scared at first but once I entered, I felt the sudden excitement xD . So if you are going to visit Vietnam during the holidays, do check out Cu Chi Tunnel! ^^

Our next stop was an orphanage. We had a little tour around the orphanage, got to see how they were living and the conditions there. 
It was hard not to feel upset and sympathy towards them because some of them have illness that might last their whole life.. 
After looking around, we went ahead to play with them and give them some sweets and chocolates.
I somehow can get along with kids as I always play with my baby cousins, I managed to hi-five a few times with them. They were really adorable. 

Even though we had a language barrier, we still had a lot of fun with the kids. I really enjoyed myself there as well as playing with the them and seeing the smiles on their faces, that just made my day already.  I wish them all the best in whatever they do. Missing them already.

After the orphanage, we visited the The Old Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral. Did some shopping at old post office. Its an interesting place actually, they show you the different time in different countries. For the cathedral, its obvious thats its a church. Its really a pretty building actually. I couldn't stop re-taking just to get a nice shot of it. 


After eating our breakfast, we headed to Mekong Delta. It was a long bus ride again I couldn't sleep because something happened. 
We were given the traditional Vietnamese straw hat to wear as we were going to the paddy field after lunch and the weather was hot too. 
The boat ride was really nice, very windy and its super relaxing. We saw how coconut candy was made and had an early tea break before lunch.
So moving on, we took another boat. But this time. the boat was smaller. It was a super fun and nerve-wrecking experience. There were many other boats that were sailing by our sides and there were also plants. I never knew how to swim so I was afraid that something would happen xD
Well, it was still a very nice experience! 

Later in the day, we carried on with our next activity which was paddy field. 
Singapore doesn't have paddy fields and I believed that it was all our first time inside one. To be very honest, I was super scared to go in. I was screaming all the while when I was inside xD It was really slippery but I didn't fall though. What's gross its that there were black rice floating around your legs >.<  But when we were planting though, I could feel how tired it is to plant rice under the scorching sun and bending your back. It is extremely tiring. It was really a great experience! 

At around 5.20, we were stuck in the traffic but we were suppose to be shopping at Ben Thanh Market, we arrived pretty late and we didn't have much time to shop there and I felt like the chance was pretty wasted. But after dinner, we still managed to shop at this shopping mall. Bought quite a few pieces of clothes for myself hehe and I can't deny that some of them are really quite nice :D


It was finally time for us to go home.. To be very frank, I really felt like I was gonna miss Vietnam a lot.. Well, probably it was because it was the last memories before I separate classes with my classmates.. It was a nice flight back to SG. The food on the plane was yummy and not forgetting always getting another cup of apple/orange juice xD It was nice seeing my family again after 4 days. Really missed home and my beloved bed that was waiting for me <3
It felt so good when I saw my family waiting for me outside. I just really miss them I guess. 
I definitely miss my tour leader, Utt, she's really humorous and she can make us laugh with the simplest jokes. Also missing my vietnam tour guide, Anh, she's really sweet and friendly and i miss her so damn muchhhh. Appreciated that she taught us a few vietnamese words so that we could at least say hello and thank you. 
Hopefully if I ever go back to Vietnam I'll see her again :D

hehehe. thank you so much reading!
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !

Thursday, 9 October 2014

1/3 of October♡

Hello there Netizens! (: hehehe finally back with a new post (: Now that exam's finally over, I guess its time for me to enjoy and blog abit more hehe. so will be sharing with you the things that had happened (:

firstly, its my grandfather's one year death anniversary. 
this has clearly proven how time had flown so quickly since last year.. It is still hard to believe that he's gone for so long alr but I've been trying to tell myself he's absence is still for the best ..

Well, on the actual day of the commencement, I was still having my SAs and I still successfully rushed back home for the buffet and the last few things that we have to do before we burn the incense papers and the 'house'.
The burning process was probably the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen (': It was under the sun and also that's why it looks pretty *.*

Secondly, I went on a trip to Kusu Island with my aunt and cousin. Its been so long since I took a ferry and went to places that involved the water lol xD
The island had a temple, but didn't actually went in and pray. I would say the whole place looked more like a park / beach as it was surrounded by water xD 
Moreover, the place was very clean and it looked pretty too. I had quite some fun looking at tortoises though xD There were a lot of them actually, there was also a shelter just for the tortoises. 
But on the whole, everything was great (: i had the best company to experience different stuffs and I'm truthfully grateful that I've got invited for this :*

Next, my mum, sis and I headed down to Plaza Singapura to have dinner and do some shopping, well it was like a lady's night out xD Dinner was Ajisen, wasn't that bad but could have eaten Ichiban LOL xD but nvm lol. It was still Japanese food nonetheless. ( and YES, my fav cuisine is Japanese) 
Major window shopping was done and that resulted in our feet being a pain in the ass, like as always we would complain about how sore and pain our feet were. (GIRLS PROBLEM)
Well, it was still a good evening spent at Plaza Sing (: 


That Monday was an off-in-leu so family and relatives decided to go for a picnic brunch at East Coast Park.  Mum and Aunt prepared the yummy food and I swear my house has all the picnic and beach stuffs xD 
Played sand with my other cousins haha they're cute though xP and I really love the relaxing and cooling feeling when I put my legs in the water. I just felt like it washed all my worries, fears and stress away. I didn't thought about anything, I typically just told myself to forget all the dumb shits that had happened and just chill out for once. 

Well, I was also super glad that my aunt went though... She gotta still be quite sad about what happened 3 months ago still :/ I just hope she dun continue to blame herself for everything.. I'm just worried that all these would lead to depression and I dun wanna see her like that.. 
Being with her for my entire 14 years, she's my forever role model and most treasured person other than my parents (': 
haha well so far, she's the best cook I've known so far. (; 

But on the whole, everything was good especially the food and of course the great company of my family and relatives. They are already planning the next gathering there at ECP at Deepavali's holiday xD FAST PEOPLE XD But cant wait though :DD

Lastly, it was a movie date with 18 of my friends. And yes if you're trying to guess the movie, its ANNABELLE.
{movie review time}
As everyone knows (i hope is everyone okay), the movie is a horror movie.
There were so many jump scares that I didn't have expected especially the first. I was just leaning to my friend when I can sense that there would be something popping out xD I was literally that scared. But Jocelyn and Derrick was worse okay. XD 
But if you had watched 'The Conjuring' , you would've recognised Annabelle in that glass case. So do catch the movie at a cinema near you now (: get your friends along to share the fear xD 
P.S The entire cinema was screaming when jump scares happen xD so if you're gonna watch the movie, good luck

After the movie we went to play the 'NTUC catching'. It should be called Fair Price though but whatever.. As you know, the fair price in AMK Hub is pretty big and there would be a lot of good hiding spots. It was really fun playing with so many people there actually. The more the merrier right. Everything was just perfectly awesome as that day marks the end of our SA2. Hopefully we'll still stay like this next year :/


That's just part of my October (: Can't wait for more magical things to happen. 
After so much, still the same old words.. Cherish the ones around you, don't regret it only when they're gone.. 

Oh wait before I forgot, I sort of changed the way my blog looked and I hope you guys like it so far>< 

As usual xD If you read up till here, you know I love you right :* 
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful remainder of October ahead (:
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! :*

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

//ongoing sept//

heyheyhey *smirks* guess who's back ahahahaha. I swear that sounded so gay omg._.
BUT HEY :D I'm back but today isn't a Saturday oh well I felt that Tuesday night's better so deal with it:3 ;D 

so quite a a few 'events' happened xD well, I would say that everything that happened was meaningful <3 

first off would be my trip back to Malaysia (:

every time I head back with my mum or rarely my whole family , I would always feel very excited about the trip as I've always liked going back to my grandma's house (: it's so different from the way we lived here in Singapore and I'm sure you guys don't even see people living like that already here (: well, it's a very simple kampung (or is it kampong?) life style (: 

as for this time we went back was because my cousin, he's going to UK to study really soon and it's sort of like a farewell party for him (: but tbh, I was only looking forward to the FOOD <3 

I didn't take much pictures this time :/ but I had a lot selfies with my dad xD :D

on the whole, I had a super great time there as there were puppies this time and they are so freaking cute omg>< and also on a sad note, they gave the kittens away:( gosh , I already miss them :'( but it's okay I'm sure they are in a better place right now ('; 

moving on :D

it's my school's annual Sports Carnival x Teachers' Day Celebration

for sports' carnival this year , we had games like dodgeball, basketball, captain's ball and floorball as core games. Human fooseball , tug-of-war, pushball as fringe games. So obviously the core games have more points than the fringe games so that also means that the core games are somehow a little more important . but in something like sports carnival , I feel that it doesn't matter you win or you lose in a game . winning or losing is a second thing, the priority is that you have fun . and also dun forget about sportsmanship (:

so I participated in dodgeball (-; it was a good game with different classes actually (: and I actually have fun LOL . it felt good to have clinched the 4th place for it ! 
and also surprisingly, all of our core games, we clinched the 4th place xD I swear it wasn't planned okayyy. but the coincidence is REAL haha .

it was great everything went well and I'm sure many were all happy right? (; 
to my beloved cohort , we all did great no matter if we competed with each other or not (: I'm sure we did great and in the basketball match between my class and 2/3 that I spectated for around 15 min, both teams did so well ! and even though 2/3 you guys didn't win, don't worry alrights (: I'm proud of you guys so much and I'm sure your class is too !

on the whole, the carnival went so well and im just so happy that day <3 I got so many pictures as my precious memories (': ILOVEYOU GUYS SO MUCH:*


so moving on (:

on 6/9/14 i went out after a long time with my great friend, Jocelyn <3

we went to haji lane first as I haven't went there before. The grafittis there are so good like da bombz ! its super artistic and i swear its damn nice *-* ugh i didn't even know why i didn't take pics there omg :( im totally going there for a second time! oh, and not forgetting lunch.
We had our lunch at 'Fika Cafe'. Its a Swedish cafe and tbh, i didnt expect the food there to sort of suit my taste but it quite surprisingly does! I totally reccommend all to go there and eat . And also their service is really good! The best so far in my experiences (:

our next stop was Orchard ! well particularly, Cathay Cineleisure and SCAPE <3 swear thats where i belong man xD i miss it so much that was just blabbering to joys about how much i missed orchard :(
we obviously shopped at 313@Somerset first.:D and F21 was the first shop that we went in (: hmmm, even though we didn't bought much stuff.. WE STILL DID WINDOW SHOPPING ! It just these little things that makes me happy (:
fast forwarding to cine and scape (: i would say we spent more time at scape as we changed our phones' screen protectors (: now we have similar pretty phones :* 

we also got (customized) necklaces at scape underground (: and it only cost us $9.50 each (: and I would say it's really pretty !

I would say it's pretty obvious that I customized it right>< 
yeah do head down to the shop to check it out or you can check them out on their Facebook and Instagram page (:  ->Facebook<-
@theoutfitlibrary and @theaccessorieslibrary ->Instagram<-
do check them out!! 

As for our dinner , we ate at Cineleisure Orchard , Charlie Brown Cafe. It's a really comfy and cute cafe located at the 4th floor of cineleisure (: 
I ate their pancakes (dun judge me okay I wasn't hungry that's why I didn't go for proper dinner) and it's so yummy ! 

when joys and I are together, usually we spent a lot of time talking about life (: and it's just these moments that I treasure the most as I know that I can tell her everything and she's probably the one who know alot of other stuffs about me that I dun share with others (': 
I dun wanna be mushy but I love you joys :* 

had a lot of fun that day and hopefully I can do more shopping and go cafe hunting after my exams (: 
but still, I had a super great time at both orchard and haji lane (: hope to hang out again soon !!!! ❤  

Also Mid-Autumn festival had just past. I wouldn't say that i really celebrated it as nothing much happened except the fact that i went down for my area's celebration and guess the riddles lol. but it was good nonetheless as my aunt came down (:

And the following day, my aunt finally brought me to see my uncle. I've waited a few months already cause our weekends schedule tends to clash but surprisingly that weekend we were both free so they drove me there. To be frank and honest with you, I didn't know how i felt when i saw him... I was at loss of words. i wanted to say something but it just won't come out of my mouth.. And yes, it was hard to control those tears from falling.. If I'd broken down, my aunt would surely cry too and I didn't want that to happen.. I was shocked at how things were happening.. I still couldn't believe that my uncle is gone..When i saw his picture and the container and the words crafted on it, I could only stare at it and try to comprehend what the words meant.. 
I was surprised at how clean the place is, way cleaner than Mandai definitely.. and also how peaceful the environment was there. There will always be somebody who will chant and send their prayers there everyday. 
But I'm always telling myself that he's in a better place and he isn't suffering anymore.. I should be happy and not sad for him.. Still in the midst of trying, I'm sure i can do it but its the matter of time. 

Sad things aside but oh well this update is coming to an end. i had a fun time updating ! And I apologise for the late post>< But i still hope you guys still like it! 
I know this post is also a little longer than usual so if you read up till here, thank you so much ! :* 

so I guess that's about it for this post! Thank you so much for reading again (: in the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

summing up August ♡

heyheyhey :) I know it's been some time since I last updated and I know I'm always not on time and I sincerely apologize for that :/ now that my CAs are over I'm kinda not that stressed and tensed up :) but there's still the big tests next month:( can't wait to get the SAs done over with._. so much studying and revision to be doneT.T 

so I was just wondering how all your august went (: mine was quite neutral I guess nothing much actually happened with the exception of the national day LOL . it's special as I participated in my school's parade xD also I wanna recommend and share with you guys what I've been reading these days , past months (: 

starting off with the parade .

it was a success I would say cause everything went super smoothly like the march in was super neat and nice as well as the march past (: literally almost cried when it was over because we got it right for once cause during the trainings we screwed things up:/ BUT WE ACTUALLY DID IT T.T and I was so proud that I really wanted to cry>< 
but still , I'm still grateful to be part of the parade this year again (: looking forward to next year's one already (: 

            NDP 2014 HOORAH ! 

moving on~ :p

so I've been using wattpad for almost a year now but for iBooks and eBook Downloader , I only started using it this year . for wattpad, I assume many fangirls would know this app xD there are so many awesome and great authors out there for so many different fan-fictions (: 
even though majority of those stories that I read are based on EXO & Super Junior , I also read One Direction's fan-fics >< I really gotta admit that the 1D one's are really way more interesting and I've fallen in love with reading 1D's fan-fics>< and I swear it's really good >< it's so fascinating how the authors' imagination goes so wild and their stories are just so marvelous *-* 

yupyup (: so those are just the fan-fics I've been reading (: 
best kpop fan-fic would be : [You and EXO] Oh! Dear Classmates~ 
go check that out its really amazing I swear (:
best one direction fan-fic would be : Hired for Styles 
that story almost brought me to tears >< I was really on the verge of crying cause there was this part which was quite sad:/
but nonetheless, go check it out !! 

so moving on to iBooks and eBook Downloader (:

I remembered mentioning that I've been reading The Mortal Instruments lately (: I'm on City of Lost Souls (: 1 more book to go !! 
also do check out Infernal Devices ! it's the same author of The Mortal Instruments : Cassandra Clare 
even though I haven't read it yet, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be nice (: also it has some link to mortal instruments. swear to god that she's a damn awesome author man . she got me addicted to the mortal instruments that I'm on the fifth book alr:( 

there's also Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games (: can't wait to read them soon !! (: do check these books out ! 

here's some guidelines if you're wondering how to download books to read from ePub :

for eBook Downloader , go to search button , click it and it'll show you : Google , Bing and Baidu 
click Google , and in the search box type 'ePub' and it'll direct you the page and in the search box again , search the books that you are interested in reading and there you go ! (: 
go ahead and download the books that you'll love reading ! (;

September is nearing so soon that I can't even believe that we are soon just gonna have 3 months till 2015 :( it's so scary how time flies as fast as the bullet train huh ( but the bullet train faster lah duh ) .
since sept is nearing , soon it's going the be a year since my grandfather has passed away. and for that , I'm so sure that time had flown too quickly , like way too fast :( 

aside from time flying too fast , I'm somehow excited for my Vietman trip in October (: I'm sure it's gonna be fun and I can't wait to snap as many pictures as I can over there ! (: 
before the trip comes, there's .................
SA2 :( 
I just wanna get that over and done with . 

my school's sports carnival and teachers' day will be held next week and I'll be going to Malaysia this weekend so I guess a new post will be up next sat . no promises though but I'll try (: 

so I guess that's about it for this post (: thank you for reading ! 
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always ! :*

Hugs & Kisses !