Thursday, 27 March 2014


Yayyyyy it's been 2 weeks so here's the post ~ But on a sad note , hehe down with cough .. My voice for now is seriously lost .. It's not bad , it's worser than bad :( I typically get cut off by my own words if that even make sense lol xD .. Like eating up my own words xD 
I really really miss my voice though T.T I can't talk to my friends properly and you people out there might just make the worst joke out of my horrible voice ._. Yes , it sounds manly and also 'sexy' at the same time but I'm surely having a difficult communicating with my friends :( 
Okay let's begin with the March holidays ~~

For the first three days of hols , I had to attend first aid course at nicoll highway (st john's hq) for my badges sake .. More or less the course was quite neutral I guess .. It has it's pros and cons definitely . Pros is learning first aid lah of cuz xD cons is the place is freaking far and I have to wake up damn early :( 
Of cuz every course will have the test right and I ................... PASS THE TEST ! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for Rycelyn , hip hip HOORAY . Hip hip HOORAY ~ sorry for the lame part tho xD 
Well , YEHETTTT <3 ~~

Also on 17/3 after the course , I went to ITE College Central to watch my school's band performance ~ The performance was great ! Especially all the amazing encores ! Let It Go gotta be the best ! ;) I really had a lot of fun there that night ! Thanks for putting up a great show for us , AMB ! <3 

Tues and Wed went as usual as it was first aid ._. Thurs was sorta like a rest day for me ~ it was great definitely . Sleeping from night till afternoon 12pm+ is definitely the best ! :D 
On Fri , I went out with my friends to Bugis and Orchard (: Had lots of fun time shopping with those peeps at Orchard mostly ! :> They crack the lamest joke to brighten up people's day ! Can't wait to hang with them soon ! 
P.s we didn't take pics so no photos xD

So that's how I spent my March holidays~
And now it's all back to school again :< 
It definitely sucks to go to school when you're sick . I get teased for my voice and it's also damn hard for me to talk to my friends ._. 
And also despite having this 

I still went for my cca ._. I couldn't talk much throughout the week which was damn horrible ._. 

On a happy note ! :) I went out with a bunch of awesome friends to catch Divergent ! :D review time :D
THE MOVIE WAS DAMN GREAT ! I swear I was wrong about the movie lah ._. I thought it wouldn't be nice but I was SO WRONG . The movie was just da bomb man ! Shipping time :DDDD 
TRIS AND FOUR <3 hehehehe xD 
So if you guys haven't catch Divergent yet , go watch it now alright ! Trust me you won't regret watching it ! #dauntless 
You would know what I hashtagged if you had watched the movie (; 

                      Yehet ! <3 
And also March is coming to an end :( but a great month though :') memorable memories during this month <3 And those memories will be kept in my mind forever and always <3 I love you guys :* 
Thank you :* :') 

Well I guess that's about it ! (: Thanks for reading ! In the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

//Finally 14//

Okies finally after some time already ! Woots ! Hey hey hey everyone ~ Wait , it hasn't been that long since I last updated right xD well nvm :D HOLD UP AGAIN ! 
*CHEERS FOR MARCH* Yayyyyyyy :P (kinda lame right) 
March is here ~ Happy me ! Hehe :) Finally after three months and now I'm turning 14 :O Can't believe I'm getting older each year T.T 

2 weeks ago (?) I went to Malaysia to celebrate my grandma's birthday ! ^^ It was surely a great trip though it was short but still it was really fun ! :) 
Hmmm if you're wondering , I usually dun travel by car to Malaysia :) my mum and I would always take the buses (: Good thing is the bus lane will always be faster than the cars lane :3 
After we reached Malaysia , we went to City Square to ... SHOP ! If there's a mall , you definitely can't miss out shopping there (; all the beauty shops there are so asdfghjkl ! There's even NATURE REPULIC THERE TT 
And guess who I saw ^_^ hehehe :) 
                   EXO 엑소 ! <3 

Gosh they are so handsome lah hehe <3 
And almost every shop there are just way bigger than Singapore's one ._. EVEN THEIR FAMOUS AMOS ! TT
The Famous Amos has almost every sweets and chocolates and also cookies ._. 
So if there's a mall , you definitely can't miss out on finding Starbucks right ? (; 
Hehehe overjoyed me ~~~ Got to drink Caramel Machiato there ! <3 Another new fav drink (: 
And let's fast forward to dinner okays (; YUMMZZZ
We went to the Korean bbq restaurant to have our dinner with all the other relatives  ! So glad they booked it for us to enjoy some bonding and not forgetting the good food we had there ~ <3 
After all , this trip was still awesome and defintely fun ! 

Next event was Cross Country ! Didn't ran for it this year , but instead I went to help out for my CCA !
I actually gave out banana and a bottle of water for the runners ! Even though it may seemed boring , it was still not so boring lah hehe :3
Also took many pics and had some fun with le class after my duties (: 
Really proud of Evon and Hannah ! (: Both clinched the top 2 places ! (: Grats once again <3 
Also to Matin ! Thanks for bringing glory to 2/6 again this year ! (: So proud of you that you managed to get 1st again ! ^_^ Jia yous for next year ! (:
Great friends ! <3

Part 2 of the pics (: With some teachers(:

Sadly , right after cross country was my training camp . I was totally dreading my camp cause I've never ever been to one and I'm a little homesick .. 
The first day I can't deny that it was super duper tiring ._. We had to pitch our tent which was for us to sleep .. AND THAT DAMN CANVAS WAS SO HEAVY TT Pitching the tent was real tiring ._. 
For Day 2 , we did PT and also outdoor cooking . It was quite fun as I somehow like to cook as well .. 
So fast forward to Day 3 . FINALLY . WE WERE GONNA GO HOME AND ESCAPE FROM THAT SO CALLED 'HELL' . Was really glad that we finally could go home and have much more rest ! 
Through this camp , I totally experienced many different camping stuffs . Like outdoor cooking , sitting in a meal ring and also enjoying different games that were specially planned out for us .. Despite all our hardwork for the camp , I actually did had fun .. But still I am already dreading next year's camp alr ..

So let's talk about today then (: 
Today was a special day as I've finally turned 14 (: a year older le boo hoo hoo :/ I'm so thankful to all friends and relatives who wished me 'Happy Birthday' and to those who gave gifts , I'm truly grateful and I will treasure the gift <3 I can't express how much I love you guys and your mini surprises today <3 Thank you all so incredibly much <3 
Firstly , I wanna thank Rini and Joys who were the first few to wish (': I'm truly touched and happy that you guys remembered and also took the time to type it out <3 Thank you all so much <3 
And Rini , take care and get well soon alright :* 
And also Raudhah (': Awwww man .. I'm so touched with everything you had done for me (': You dun know how grateful I am to have you as my good friend whom I can count on and always cheer me up (': Thank you so much okay for the card and the present <3 ilysm :* x

And to Jamie and Xuan , you guys never fail to put a smile on my face everytime my mood is bad (': Thank you all so much for everything you guys had done for me (': You guys are really really a bunch of great friends <3 Thanks for the gifts <3 iloveyouguys :* x 

And to my Mei , thanks for saying Happy Birthday so many times today >< 
To all that sang the birthday song in the canteen , omg I was totally shocked though >< Thank you all so much :* 
Really love you guys so much <3 
Just thank you to all that came into my life and made me smile in my darkest hours (': You guys are really great great friends (': Thank you all so much :* 
And to Cavin , John and Allaster , thanks for buying the gift >< you guys didn't have to spend the money though ._. But thank you (: 

Today won't be memorable without you guys <3 Thank you :* <3 x 

Thank you <3 x :* 

Thanks for reading <3 In the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Feb // Fab

I didn't thought that I would be updating this anytime soon but it's alr been 2 weeks so yeah ! :) 
Really quickly , February is coming to an end .. It's been a wonderful month tho :) 
Valentines Day had passed , my good friend , Raudhah's birthday had passed :) 

Valentines Day was really great for me ! Not saying that I actually spent it with my valentine but I spent it with the people I love <3 So my friends and I , we went to Vivo to celebrate v day ! :) it was actually really fun tho xD wearing school attire to Vivo , YOLUO . 
Also we did Angels and Mortals among ourselves :) I got Rayner as my mortal :) We were given some time to walk around Vivo to get presents for our mortals :) I got Rayner a giraffe xD actually idek why I have him that xD maybe cause of Running man but there's no Kang Gary's related stuff T.T 
You might wondering who my angel was .. It's a she ! :) my great mei mei <3 
Knowing me well xD she got me a white carebear keychain <3 I love it so so much <3 ITS SO CUTE !! Asdfghjj xD heheheh xD god idek how she knows I like but she just knows it ;) heheh :) 
Thankful for them organizing this and also people who turned up , the angels and mortals game :) Also grateful to have wonderful friends like them :') <3 

I know I didn't type this at the top but after V day was Ridhwan's flea ! :) 
Firstly wanna thank my dear friend , Oreo <3 for asking me if I would like to help out for the flea ! 
I had a great great time helping though the weather wasn't that friendly but overall it was just great ! I really enjoyed helping out and also getting to know some other people better :) 
Can't deny that all the Youtubers that came was really really friendly (: They have such humble personality and character .. They totally inspire me to be like them >< It was great to talk to a few of them ! :) 
Also I wanna thank Ridhwan for having this flea for the #ridhwannabes <3 Thank you so much for all your efforts and hardwork that you put on this flea ! It was a great success ! 
I'm so glad I had such an amazing time with you ! Great chats , laugh and fun with you :) Thank you Ridhwan :* <3 
Also I'm really sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family . 
Stay strong (': You know that we are always here you :) Ignore the haters . Haters gonna hate . They just have nothing better to do than to make you feel miserable .. Cheer up <3 Stay strong <3 Be happy always <3 *hugs*
You can't get RID of this ONE

So the next so called event that came after Rid's flea was World Thinking Day ! As y'all know I'm in guides so yeah .. 
Had much fun at YSS :) Their school was so big and nice *.* 
Also I took part in North Division Day Fusion Dance competition along with my friends ! And our school came in 2nd place ! ^^ I believed all our hardwork definitely paid off ! :) 

3 days ago , it was Raudhah's birthday <3 I was so happy when I saw her smiling so brightly and giving hugs to her juniors :') She's really a great great friend ! :') 
Thank you for always being such a good listening ear <3 You never fail to give good advices (': Thanks for lending me a shoulder to cry on and also understanding me :') 
Thank you so much Raudhah ! :* Love ya ! <3 
Happy belated birthday ! :) I know I wished you happy birthday a lot of time le >< 
This few days hadn't been really great for me cause I'm sick ._. Like after so long , cough and running nose all come back ._. I wouldn't say that I have a sore throat but I have a dry throat .. Throat is kinda infected , vocals cords are swollen ._. 
For nose it's better than yesterday .. 
Hoping that tmr would be better cause I would be going back to Malaysia ! Like a finally ! Been so many months since I've went back :) totally miss it so much :) 
Much shopping to do tmr and foooood :) can't miss it ! Can't wait to see all relatives and cousins there :) 
Really excited but I just hope that I'll get better already by tmr ! :) 
And also CA1 is finally over ~~ but I assure you in a blink of an eye , SA1 would be here :( 
On 7-9 march will be heading for training camp :( kinda dread it tho ._. Also went online and search about the camp experiences :/ (kinda creepy tho)

Well , Feb had been Fab I guess ! :) really a great month tho having different ups and downs :) Just glad and grateful that I have wonderful friends here with me in my darkest hours :) 
Greatly looking forward to March ! Hoping it'll also be good like Feb or rather BETTER than Feb ! :) 

So I guess that's about it :) Thanks for reading :) In the mean time , stay awesome and be happy always ! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

// Cny break //

HEY THERE ! Well, CNY break is over.. That means back to studying and those normal school life again..
I wonder how's all of your CNY though.. Was it GOOD ? did you collect alot of ang baos? Care to share the love ? :3
For me, this year was seriously a quiet CNY .. Not much happened except for D-2. That also meant that I didn't receive alot of ang baos this year.. Sadly :/ Cause of what happened last year, can't really celebrate CNY .. But overall it wasn't that bad because on D-3, went for a picnic at ECP with my friends :D 
And also many things happened .

Let's start off with d-2 ! :) 
Since it was suppose to be a joyous occasion , I decided to wear red instead of my black clothes . ( yes I have a lot of black clothes ) Jumper was red , shoes and beanie too !
 I seriously love that outfit a lot ! 
Most of aunts came down as well ! Kinda unexpected didn't saw that coming . Well  , the more the merrier right :) 
My niece and nephew were there too ! Can't resist their cuteness <3 SO CUTE PLS :) Especially the baby niece *.* Such beautiful eyes *_* Can't wait for her to grow up and be a beautiful girl (:

After many chattering , finally it was time for food :D My aunt is seriously the best cook ever :* No matter how simple the dish can be , it's still damn delicious ! 
Had a great time there ! Looking forward to next year's cny alr ! 

D-3 :) Had a picnic with Cavin's mum and sis and my friends , Deb and Rayner :) 
The best location for picnic was none other than ECP :) 
The view was good , the weather was nice :) It was perfect for picnic ! 
Cavin's mum also prepared Bee Hoon for us ! :)) 
After eating , we went to rent bikes and we cycled like there's no tomorrow xD Jkjk lol . It defintely felt good to be on those paddles again ! 
Great time spent there at ECP ! As usual tho . It's always fun when I'm in ECP ! :) 
Pic credit : Deb's insta ! 

After D-3 it was back to school :( Also bro got chicken pox so he didn't came to school :/ I had such a terrible time in school man . So much shit happened to me . And at those times , I seriously needed him so terribly much .. 
It was just an ordinary wed .. BUT after CCA , went to J8 with Jeremy to see Hadi !! :) Like a finally ! :') I was just so excited to be seeing him again cause he didn't came to school for so many days T.T Can't deny I was smiling like an idiot all the time when I'm with him xD 
Since I've met up with him , can't miss a chance to camwhore with him and Jeremy xD

After Jeremy left , we simply talked a little and out of boredom again we selfied xD 

                    The SaysHi ! 

Not long ago , went to Xuan's house for cny celebration ! Had such a fun time with them girls ! <3 
Camwhored a lot ;) totally love those pics :D
Played some card games that people usually play during cny lor and some other stuffs as well :) Not much happened but I surely did enjoyed myself there ! It was actually fun and also enjoyable at the same time ! :) talked a lot and snapped many pics especially ;) 
I'm so grateful to have friends like them that I can count on and can be my listening ear (': Thank you so much guys :* And Thx Xuan for inviting ! :*  Love y'all ! <3

Soon after the weekends , it's finally Monday ! I've been waiting for this day like as if I've been waiting for decades xD 
What's the big deal ? The big deal is that mah bro finally came back to school ! :) 
Was really excited and I really anticipated this day a lot ! Since he's back , I won't have to keep complaining about him being absent and me being bored ._. 
Despite him being here , I was still moody .. I rarely go a day being really happy tho .. There's bound to be something bad that's gonna happen to me . For sure . How I wish life was better :/ 
Bro still owes me a lot of brofists but I chose to not count because we do it everyday and more than once , so we'll just stick to our daily basis .. 
Now that he's back , I hope everything would just be better than it already is and finger crossed , NO MORE SHITS . 

I guess that's about it ! Thanks for reading ! In the mean time , stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year ~

It's alr 30 of Jan . Welcoming Feb real soon and of course , Chinese New Year too ! 
But sadly , not celebrating it this year , nvm it's ok lol .. At least I'm still receiving ang baos :D .
Also on a sad note , my CAs are coming . Some before CNY and some after . The before are just so annoying ! Gotta study before new year and after new year or also during new year ! :< ugh I just hope our school could just let us have a peaceful cny and omg GIVE US A BREAK . 

As you can see much things are alr coming up . So my CCA stuffs are no exception . World Thinking Day and North Division Day . Had been doing a lot of footdrills for the past CCA session . Tiring but can't deny that I actually somehow like it though . For North Division Day , gonna participate for Fusion Dance . Yayyyyy lol . Well uhm since I love dancing so WHY NOT right . 

As for the week , my class been busy with decoration . I just can't deny the fact that my class looks damn gorgeous . Really really love it . Inside out . Both are nice ~ The Cherry Blossoms seems like da bomb man ! And also not forgetting our rainbow . We actually did that last year too ! 
All classes are competitive as well . But fingers crossed luh .. Really hope 2/6's gonna win first ! Well let the pics do the talking then ;) 

Maybe the pics dun tell you guys much but if you're here physically ( which is not possible lah hehe ) , it's seriously damn damn gorgeous . Looking forward to this year's class decorations ! 

Aesthetics Programme has also started . HIP HOP YEAH ~ The choreographer had alr done with 1 song's choreography :-) Can't deny that the dance is just so darn good . Even though it had only been 2 lessons , I could really tell that his a great teacher who knows how to joke around and when it's time to serious too ! 
Having a great great time during lessons so far but due to cny break , hip hop only resumes on 6 feb :( CANT WAIT ! 

Well uhm ... Been feeling rather unhappy and really upset the past few days . 
If you feel happy being left out , pls tell me how cause I dun find a single reason why people should be left out . How would you actually feel if you're the one who's being left out by your closest friends and good friends ? Trust me . The feeling is seriously so damn depressing that you would feel so damn left out and not part of them or everyone . 
You just dun know the scars that you leave to the people you guys hurt . 
Have you spared second thought about your actions and words that ended up hurting people ? 
Just simply think about how you would feel if one day your good friends leave you out . 

Okay . That's rather enough already . *phew* I have to thank my bro ! 
Thanks for being there for me most of the times :') But do you know it's hard not to sigh xD Thanks for being the best SaysHi bro I can ever have ! 
Get well soon okay Idah ! :D And fyi , dun worry about me hor . You need to recover ASAP cause I need you to come back to school ! T.T Everybody misses you lahhhhh <3 so get well soon bro ! ^_^ Jermaine also feel lonely so have a speedy recovery ! :D 

Since it's already New Year's eve , 
I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year ! <3 恭喜发财 ! 万事如意 ! Enjoy your break and have fun ! :* 

That's about it :) Thank you for reading ! In the mean time , stay awesome and be happy always ! 
Happy Chinese New Year ! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Back to School ~

WELL WELL WELL ~~ HELLO THERE :D My first post for 2014 huh ! hehehehehe :D

It's been 1 week and 3 days in school alr . Idk how to describe it but does anyone of you still in holiday mood ? Gosh . I'm so used to sleeping at 3-4 am in the morning and waking up late in the afternoon . But surprisingly , I slept at 1 in the morning and I managed to wake up at 5.30 in the morning for school .
Really had an amazing week ! Had an amazing CCA open house ytd , a great thurs too cause The Double Ds from 987FM came down to my school ! And also had a wonderful party with my friends and played school catching ~ 
Well but actually , everyday was amazing because just seeing him will make me feel happy and it kinda feel quite completed . 
Since it's back to school , of course CCA is no exception . On my days of CCA , it's rather tiring .. I skipped lunch on both days . Yes , if you wonder if I'm hungry or not . I am hungry defintely . But I just dun feel like eating tho .. Yeah I know LOL I'm kinda weird . But I would be really tired when I reach home .. I dun even remember what time and when I fell asleep .. The next morning I just feel blank .. Actually everything was no exception .. I also have homework alr .. Yea , it really sucks to have homework but just gotta stick with it . 

Let's talk about Thurs ! Well it all started of with PE . gosh . It was so tiring .. But fun tho .. Played football with friends ~ pretty good experience but had to do a lot of running .. But overall it's okay .. I guess I would play it again ? 

Before our EFL was math . Gosh . I hate math so much . But honestly , I seriously can't understand what the teacher is teaching .. I think I won't be surprise if I fail math for CA1 . Hmm . Hope for the best . 
We were alr quite late for EFL , so my friends and I went running down to the hall . The moment I reached the hall , the first person I recognized was Nic ! I was just 'OMG-ing ! ' I couldn't believe that it was Nic ! I was alr wondering .. Who would be here today . Either The Double Ds or The Muttons . But WELL IT WAS THE DOUBLE DS ! :D As expected since it was The Double Ds , they were really hilarious ! Great jokes ! But if you tune in to them everyday from 8pm - 12am , you'll really know that they're funny ! 
They even played The Double Ds Dateline ! The questions that they gave to those 'fishball' and 'dumpling' were just real funny ! If you're wondering what's 'fishball' and 'dumpling' , you've been inside the cave for so long man . 
To sum it all up , it was really an amazing EFL to start off the year ! :D can't believe I finally saw Dee Kosh and Divian tho .. 

Really appreciated and enjoyed our time with them :) hope to see y'all in Anderson Sec again ! :-) 

Love ya The Double Ds ! And Nic too ! 

Afterwards was our long awaited PARTY ~ I would wanna thank my great friend , Matin for organizing this amazing party for us :-) And also Siti , Raudhah and Hanis for walking all the way to AMK hub to get more stuffs for us ! :-) thank you all so much :-) it was a great great party too to start off the year :-) 
Also not forgetting our school catching ~ 
Tip : Be with those people that game a lot and have game sense so you won't get caught easily ;-) 
Trust me with this tip okay ! It worked so well for me man ! 
Yeah throughout the catching , it was a lil intensed , super exciting and risky too . Ran a lot but also found places that you can stay for long . But for school catching , you gotta know the school well I guess . Play this with your friends in school too ! :-) BUT don't get yourselves into trouble ! 
The game ended really well :-) everyone was tired already when going home . But still , it was a great great day ~ 

Sat was CCA Open House . Had to wear full guides u for that event.. well , I gotta admit that I personally really dun like wearing it because I always feel really warm and I also dun like tying my hair into plates .. As I think I look really horrible in them ! WELL THATS NOT THE POINT UGH .
My beloved parents drove me to school and before that I had a wonderful breakfast with them ! :-)
Arrived quite early so it was kinda uhm .. awkward ? GOSH . Only when I reached school , I then realised that I freaking forgotten to bring my hat !!!!!!!!!!
BUT luckily it was alright ..

Before the Sec 1 were gonna visit our booths , we did some last min touch ups to it so everything would look well presented :D
After they started coming down, I quickly ran away from my booth lol xD and went to give out our nicely designed flyers .. In the middle of it , saw my wonderful chingu (friend) , Raudhah ! <3 So i kinda uhm slacked a little .. Went to watch band do some performances at the porch . Well , can,t deny that they were so great !

Soon , it was time for the Uniform Groups to do their performaces . So first up was NPCC ! Was so impressed by their rifle drill ( sorry i forgot the actual name ) it was really good and also when they threw it up in the air and they cooly caught it .. IT WAS AMAZING . Applaud for them and also cheered too cause after all , they are still our fellow UG too :-)

Next up was NCC ! My long awaited performances even though my great friend wasn't in it but still it was his CCA .. Cheered loudly for them ! Yehet ~ Was stunned by their rifle skills .. I've seen them practiced somehow and I could really tell they practiced hard ...
Even though towards the end , one of them dropped his rifle , I was just shouting that ' It;s ok ! ' Cause its really okay cause you dun know what will happen and you have tried , you did your best ! Its not your fault that it dropped :-) if you happen to read this ( i know its impossible ) dun be too disheartned ! :)

Sooooooooo after all the amazing performaces , its time for me to go around promoting my CCA .. I was just so damn happy that I saw 2 good NCC friends of mine ( actually my classmates ) , around the canteen ! Felt damn relieved that I saw them .. *phew* So I purposely handed one flyer and asked them to join Guides and guess what ? They said they were alr in Guides !  LMAO lol xD
So as were walking they shouted " JOIN GIRL GUIDES ! " well obviously i shouted along with them and also I must help promote their CCA so I also shouted JOIN NCC !
Suddenly stopped cause I saw my lil sis :DD chatted awhile and guess what the heck just happened ?!
THE SPEAKER WAS PLAYINGGGGGGGG 'GROWL' ! I cant help it but start screaming and automatically , I started dancing . And yes I was dancing in my guides uniform .. Really couldn't help it but it was a great experience dancing at the canteen xD

We just continued promoting and promoting :-) So we headed to ISH .. At first I really really didn't wanna head there but after all I still did cause I cannot lie to myself that actually I wanna go there too .. It was rather awkward being there .. Felt quite uncomfortable cause uhm well he was there ! But at least I tried to overcome it by not looking at him .. Gosh , sometimes it's just so hard . 

So finally , the whole event came to an end . The first thing I did after debrief was to untie my plates and quickly tied it into a ponytail so I won't look weird . Went to hub with friends and after that of course I went home . It was actually a tired but fun and great day after all :-) 

School's so great so far . Everything's going well . I guess I wish everything and everyday could just stay the same . 
I guess hmm .. Well slowly , my holiday mode is fading as the days past by .. Well it seems pretty fine actually . Not affected much by it .. 
Pretty much looking forward to Thur ~ (; 
I hope I can update a lil more often . Probably I'll try my best to update every weekend if possible ? Or maybe every 2 weeks >< 

Yeah . So I hope you guys are all also enjoying school so far ! Study hard but dun forget to have fun at the same time ! 

I guess that's about it :-) Thanks for reading ~ in the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ~ 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013


Wow . In a blink of an eye , 2013 is gonna come to an end .. But seriously , time seriously flies . 2013 had been a really meaningful year for me . I've experienced much like it's really an eye opener for me . I've made many new friends that I didn't regret making and knowing so much amazing people . And those that come into my life and made a huge diff into it . I'm grateful for everything . And this one particular person made me realize that nothing is forever . As in nothing can stay forever . 
And yes , that person is my grandfather . 
I've always thought he would be with till I grow up . I've had this mindset since young but everything proved me wrong on Oct 7 . On that particular day , I've experienced the thing I thought I would experience anytime soon till I'm a grown up . But it happened too soon , way too soon . On that day , I regretted so much for heading down to Pasir Ris for my dance practice . The day I would never forget . I blamed myself everyday for not rushing back in time to see him for the very last time . Everyday . I would have flashbacks , I would just sit beside my bed to think and break down . I wanted to turn back time so badly . I remembered him shaking and holding my hands . It was so sweet . 
I've always told myself to get over it alr . But I couldn't get myself to do it and I think I never will . Not anytime soon I guess . It's not as easy as it looks .

Cherish and treasure those people around you . Just dun end up regretting . 

Let's not talk about sad things here . Also my class , 1/6 . Well , I honestly love my class . I'm glad we've been through the year together . They've been such great classmates and friends . I know we may have fights and stuffs going on but we go through everything together , as a CLASS . We've achieved a lot this year . Especially the most vibrant class award every term . Consecutive 1st for the past 3 terms . We've worked hard for it . 
I dun care what other classes or their teachers think . We've worked hard and put in effort for it and I believe we deserved it . And definitely the challenge shield too . It seems extraordinary to me tho . I never thought our class would win it . 
I know and I hope we will nail it next year again . I know we can do it . 
It really had been a great year with you guys ! 1/6'13 FTW ! I love y'all ! 
I look forward to 2/6'14 ! 

Ever since Jan 15 this year , my whole life was different from before . 
Even though it was just a simple reply , I almost went crazy about it . I was literally jumping around crazily and fan-girling about the fact that he replied me . 
Ever since then , I would always watch Ridhwan's videos and also Jian Hao's videos . 
So on 19 Jan , it was really a magical day for me as I've finally met Ridhwan for the first time ! Gosh , it was so awkward back then ! 
First ever selfie with Ridhwan :D

I never ever regretted heading down to SCAPE that day . I had so much fun and I loved it . 

Ever since then , I had a lot of fun with my life . Excitement , happiness . 
This sums up part of my year like part 1 :-) School , friends and classmates :-) 

I've experienced so much this year . It was so great meeting different people and getting to know them . I'm grateful that they had came into my life . It was really really a great great year ! Those who stayed , from the bottom of my heart , thank you . To those who left me hanging and those backstabbed , karma will get you and to let you know that pity you A LOT . 
To my dearest grandfather , I know I talked to you everyday none stop so I hope you won't get tired of me telling you different things . I believe you always hear me . I'm really really happy you came into my dreams and made my realized so much . Thank you for taking care of me all these time . I miss you . 

I hope you guys had a great great year (-: 
Have a super duper awesome 2014 ahead of you guys ! 

Thank you once again to everyone out there who had read my blog :-) 
And to my friends and family :-) I love y'all :* 

HAVE A GREAT 2014 ! :-) 

Part 2 :-) Thanks for coming into my life :-)

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Fleas ~

Well for the past 2 weekends I've been 2 fleas :) one was the gushcloud swap & shop flea and the other was none other than Jian Hao's flea :) both flea was great :) even though I went for the gushcloud one alone ._. Well it's fine , at least I saw my fav bloggers :D 

FYI , the flea was at JCUBE :) 
So usually at the 5th level was rather empty as I guess not much people would go up >< but during the flea it was kind of flooded (?) well :) it was great anyways haha :) so the first shop I went to was Sheena's shop :D ( @myluckyboy ) followed her on insta for quite some time alr, actually didn't know she's going to be at the flea but when I stepped inside the flea area immediately recognized her hehe :) and she's pretty and super friendly too ! ^^ I bought a high-waist floral shorts from her and I really love that shorts alot ! It's really really pretty :) and also got a picture with her :) 
Omg haha xD unglam me >_< it was really nice meeting you ! 

After her booth , I walked over to Kife's booth :) yea , he's my one of my fav male blogger :) if you followed him on his social medias , you would have known he was one of the butler in AFA :) 
P.S dun misunderstand anything >< I'm not a fan of anime so sorry >_< 
 I was so excited to see him .. But maybe not excited lol xD I was so damn shy to ask for a picture >_< but he was so friendly and kind and agreed :) ugh so handsome *.* cant wait to see you around :) 
@H_Kife (Twitter) @thekife(Instagram)
-> <-
      Handsome and friendly Kife ♡
Thanks for taking the pictures with me ^^
Will always support you ! Haha :) stay friendly and cute :) keep making more videos too :) I really enjoy watching them :) 

Also after Kife's booth , I walked over to Eunice's booth :) oh man :) she's so so beautiful in real live ! Just gorgeous *.* hehe :) I really love the tribal and Aztec prints shorts that I got from you :) the shorts are so comfortable :) 
Stay pretty ! :* 
@euniceannabel (Instagram) @EuniceAnnabel (Twitter) 
-> <-
Thanks for taking the picture with me! ^^

Also Xavier was there too at the flea ! He's so tall and handsome :) funny too :D 
Hehe :) Seen him on ch8 before and also read his blog too :) he's an amazing guy :) ♡
Be happy always (: 
@ongxavier (Twitter & Instagram) 
-> <-
Thanks for taking the picture with me ^^

These are the only few bloggers I took pictures with (: as you can read , I was alr shy enough to ask Kife for a photo >< and I also took some courage to ask for a photo with Xavier >< omg I feel so weird ._. There were defintely more bloggers that I saw , Eric (@outrageouseric) , Tyler (@tylerhikaru) , Hellven (@hellvenchua) and many more (: sorry I can't name all out >< 
Actually wanted to ask Hellven and Tyler for a picture but I was so shy >< ugh I really wished I wasn't ._. 
Well , hmm there's always a next time ('; 

Yayyyyyy :) OMG :) haha xD 
As usual , his flea was at SCAPE ! :) 
Maybe the easiet place for Haonation to go xD but most probably it's their frequently visited place (?) 
Supposedly was going there alone but luckily my friend texted me :D *phew* so I met her at scape ! :) 
So when I reached , I saw so many familiar faces from YouTube (: 
Amander , Danial Ron , Zsiti , Chewy , Julian , Fallensuperhero , Bancho ! :) And also Jian Hao and his sister , Kayley :) Ridhwan and Celestin came too :) But they arrived abit later :D
There were queues for the shirt and pic with Jian Hao . There were so many queues on that day tho as many turned up for the flea :D well that's great (; 

With Amander ! :) @AmanderSings
Thanks for the picture ! You're really really talented (: You have an amazing voice and I love the way you dance too ! :) Stay cool and be happy always ♡ great seeing you ! 

With Celestin ! ♡ @celestinloh <- Instagram    @celestinlove <- Twitter 
Thanks for the picture pretty ! I'm always watching your vlogs and I love them :) it was great seeing you in real live ♡ you're a great YouTuber ! hope to see you again (: 

With Janice ♡ ♡ @heytherehotshot 
Thanks for the picture Janice ! ^_^ Really happy to see you again ! ♡ You're getting prettier and prettier (: haha :) thanks for being so friendly and humble ('; ♡ Love ya ! ♡ Stay gorgeous :* 
Blog -

With Yahya ! ♡ @fallensuperhero 
Thanks for the picture ! (: you're so cool man ~ oh and thanks for your autograph too ! It's really nice ! Your remixes are totally the best man ! I love listening to your remixes :) it's like a better version of a song (; especially 'Wedding Dress' ! It's my fav ! ♡ continue making awesome remixes ! Will always listen and support you ! (: Stay happy ! :)
Check out his Remixes on soundcloud ! 
Soundcloud - Fallen Superhero

With Julian ! ♡ @JulianTayTM 
Gosh *.* You're really handsome in real live ! >_< been watching your videos for some time alr (: it always feels good to watch your videos :) continue making more awesome videos ! :) 
Thanks for the picture ! ♡

With Bancho ! ♡♡♡ @banchothematrep 
It's been such a long long time (': Thank you so so much for the picture ♡ really miss your videos a lot .. I'm so glad that you went for the flea ! Really (': hope you are doing well in NS (: jia you okays ! :D
Thx for the autograph too ! ^^ Maciam Baik ! :D 

With Danial Ron ! ♡ @DanialRon 
Dayum ! I'm so in love with your hair color ! ♡ Thanks for the pictures Dan ♡
I remembered you said , ' Woah studs , must becareful ah . ' xD WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE ♡ hehehe :) my studs won't hurt ;) you're really cute and friendly (': ♡
And yes my name it's " 'Ryce' with 'lyn' . " haha xD it doesn't end at ryce okay xD hehe :) thanks for the autograph ! ^^
Stay cute alrights ! ♡

With Nic ! (:   @nicshields 
The only ang moh there >< you're super friendly and really really humble too ! (: Thanks so much for the picture ! :) 

HEHEH :) finally (':

It's been quite some time since I saw Jian Hao (: I'm totally in love with his new hair color (: whoever that judges his hair , you guys ain't perfect at all . At least he looks handsome in it okay . 
Really thank you for having this flea ♡ it felt so good seeing you :) thank you so much for the pictures (: hope you like the small card I did >< I hope you didn't mind that it's plain :/ I'm bad at decorating and making nice cards :/ but I hope you still like it (': ♡
Oh and I totally love this shirt alot ! ♡ 

Thank you so much Jian Hao ! ♡ for everything (': ♡

Yayyy ! Haha :) great seeing you too Ridhwan ! :) thanks for the pictures and the hug ♡ sorry for creeping behind you xD  gosh my unglamness in that collage xD >_< 
Take good care of yourself ahhhh (: and drink lots of water :D hehe :) :* ♡ 
And also I enjoyed my time with you the other time at Northpoint ! :) 

See ya real soon Ridhwan ! 

I had such a great time at both fleas ♡  hope to see everyone soon :D 
I can't for Jian Hao's next flea ! ♡ hehe :)

For the past few weeks had been okay for me (: hope it had been great for y'all :) 
Soon Dec is coming to an end .. Gotta kiss goodbye sadly :( I hope Jan would be fun and 2014 will be another great year for me ! :) 

Btw , are you guys ready for school ? Have you guys finished your homework ? 

Well I guess that's about it :) Thank you for reading :) In the mean time , stay awesome and be happy always ! ♡

Hugs & Kisses !