Saturday, 19 July 2014


Herro guys . I know it's already half way through July , school's stuffs are all back to the way it was and many other things and I didn't really got a chance to tell you guys about how was everything going on as it's just as complicated as what I'm about to say lol .
Well I guess the first thing would be our school's ndp training. It was definitely and extremely tiring. Its really no joke my dears.. Yeap and today's the third training already if im not wrong. But nonetheless , I hope all our hardwork would be paid off on the day of the school's parade (-: 
oh and all the best my ncc friends ! ^^ have fun being in GOH :3 

Tbh , july's still a little boring as nothing much really happened in school._. 
BUT there's always Racial Harmony (;

On that Monday was RHD (: my instagram was indeed flooded with many rhd photos from all of my friends (: 

Well on that day I wore an Indian costume which I bought at Little India for only $20. I went there on a Saturday with my mum (: There were so many choices to choose and at first I really can't make up my mind>< there were even cheaper prices ranging from $10-$25. To be really honest , the $25 costumes were pretty too . So if you guys would wanna find and get great deals for traditional costumes, go to Little India ; Tekka Centre to find them ! 

The celebration in school was really nothing actually._. it was quite boring some more:/ i wished they had performances held up for us but they didn't :<  but nonetheless it was at least kind of fun with the company of my beloved class and friends ^_^ 

next up. hmmmm, I doubt many knew what had happened so , not long ago my uncle who had dementia he was admitted to the hospital because he had a sudden fits and it was scary. and his heart stopped beating for 20min. it was after my cca then I've heard what had happened to him then i immediately broke into tears as I was freaking worried for my aunt and uncle.. to cut short everything , he passed away on 20/07/14 it was on a sunday. i was so glad that I visited him in the afternoon. it was of course a sad loss for my relatives and myself as I grew up in sengkang and my aunt and uncle took care of me ever since young and even though he suffered from dementia , he would still look at me and give me a warm smile and that smile is a smile that I'll remember for my live and I will never ever forget it. I am so glad that I at least paid my last respects and accompanied on his last journey. 

My word of advice to everyone out there, you might not know who will leave you forever in the matter of time. So cherish your time with all your loved ones and make sure you don't regret anything. 

And one curious question of mine : just how many people die a day? 
I'm sure many aren't sure and so am I. So just take all these precious chances and spend it with the ones you love. 

妮妮爸爸, I'll miss you (': and I forever and always will remember you:* thank you for taking care of me since i was young (': 我会想你的♡ You'll always be part of my beautiful memories and live. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. I really had a tough time even trying to update so I hope you guys don't mind this post. Sorry for the late update once again and take care. In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses! 

Monday, 23 June 2014


Waddup people of the internet ! Firstly , WOW . June is ending like too soon :< And that horrible schooling life and everything will resume like no tomorrow again._. 
Before all our happiness are gonna be gone in no time, I'm gonna share with you what happened throughout my holidays ! ^^
Starting off with my school's dance concert ! ^^ ANDANZ~
Watching your friends perform on stage seemed a little fun and exciting? I mean it's fun to figure out where they are on stage xD well THATS NOT THE POINT XD

HAHAHAHA >< okay . So it was a great dance concert though was too happy to see siti and hanis after that (': too proud for them >< 

What's better than taking selfies after that right 

More selfies and I really love all these pictures !!! 

And selfies again xD *.* 

had a really great time there actually (-: I mean when you are with your clique of friends, it will always feels right (;


Garena Carnival 

Gosh I totally remember how early I woke up thinking that I was late but actually there's always cavin who just wakes up when we call him._.
But anyways, the garena carnival was held at suntec city and if I were to use one word to describe it would be phenomenal . Reason being the while event was really uhm great I guess? There were practically many booths set up there having various games for those gamers out there to play and when you upload an insta post and hashtag #playitred , they print your photos out and it was amazingly cool . They were also quite a number of cosplayers cosplaying the champions of league of legends . And damn , they look really pretty._. *self esteem immediate drop* and the whole blackshot competition was really really intense and really really good. Also not forgetting Fish from WahBanana was the shoutcaster for the various competitions ! 
garena also gave goodie bags out (-: it looked not bad actually . 

              'Red Pass Holders' 

The card look super duper nice and it has this nice feeling when you wear it and walk around the carnival. 

The carnival on the whole went really well and I had so much fun (-: totally love my snapback that day xD high chances going next year as this year was really good (: 

                  ITS FISH ! <3 

Next up is WWW ! 

Briefly , it was a clique sort of outing and I was so glad that siti and hanis could make it ! <3
It had been a pretty good few months since I was there and it felt so good to be there again and with the company of my friends (-: amongst all the rides I guess the group one's still the best (-: 

The camera literally captured our happy faces and moments <3 

It was such a fun day spent at WWW ! (-: 

Next up was my trip back to Malaysia to celebrate my grandfather's birthday ! I've always loved going back to malaysia as its when i can enjoy time with relatives there and also shopping (; I mean the stuffs there are like so cheap !!! 
Back to the birthday >< we ate at a resto nearby and actually we always go there to celebrate birthdays XD 
The food was pretty not bad except for dessert. I just dun like that particular dessert actually. It's really sweet and sticky and I just dun like it._.

And very quickly , it was time for some group photo and the blowing of candles (-: seeing the happy faces planted on everyone's face would somehow warm your heart (-; idk about you but for me it does (: 

And malaysia have really fanciful cakes and they are just so cute !! 

Forwarding everything to the last week of hols :) went to holland v with mah 2 girls to have like a study date and to check out the cafe that we planned to go (-: 

The cafe was just utterly stunning *.* the balcony is like so perfect ! and the cafe is so damn suitable if you're going on a date *smirks* 

Everything about this cafe is just amazing *.* definitely would love to go there again (-; not forgetting to mention that the food was so yummy and the drinks was totally fab xD you guys really have to check them out ! 
{d'GOOD CAFE } 273 Holland Ave #02-01Singapore 62199807 

That's about it for this post ! I know it's lengthy but it's been a month so it's a lot>< so thank you so much if you read from the top till like here ^^ really appreciate it :* hehe (: I hope your holidays went well too and most importantly is about you having fun (; i really hope you guys did ! And I'm also with you guys._. I know I know school had resumed and it's prolly good and bad._. haizz just wanna tell you that you aren't alone here._. So jyjy for homework and getting your body clock adjusted back to the days when you wake up early and not in the afternoon (; 

Thanks for reading once again ! :* In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always ! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Well , as you can clearly tell school hasn't  reopen yet and it would probably be the most miserable thing that can happen if it reopen ._. 
So i just wanna share with you guys about being in a class or rather social 'ranking' in class. 
From my perspective (; 

First of, there will always be this classification : the lonely ones and the popular
(outstanding) ones. By my meaning of lonely, are the ones that are being disliked and casted out by the classmates and they probably have to join other people that they don't really fond of , in projects or other group activities.
And popular, i guess the ones with cliques and they are the ones who are the 'hot' topic amongst others. HMMMM , i guess i can't say that its 'hot' topic but the person is so well-known by all the other people.

And by that , the difference is really kind of obvious... I believe that most of you out there have friends you can count on. be there for you at your darkest hours and you have the mindset that you will never be left out.

And those who are being casted out , probably they are used to being lonely or be with the ones they dislike too... 
World is just unfair huh isn't it. And I'm pretty sure you guys out there also choose who to be with and what you guys want to do together. Not going to deny but since I have a bunch of legendary friends, i guess I still feel quite fine with them but sometimes their conversation just don't evolves around me and i feel empty... Of course there will be time that you will have second thoughts about many things and your imaginations get wild and you will break down because of all your unhappy and heartbreaking thoughts. Tbh, I'm like that sometimes .. I really tend to think out of the box and I break down a lot alone .. But I've sort of gotten over it and I tend to think positive (not everytime really seldom) . 

So of course I would wanna also be with the outcasted sometimes but it all just takes time to try to build up that confidence to just brace yourself to talk to the person whom you never really known of . 

Yeah so I guess that's about it for this post (: well if you're offended by what I said , then too bad oops because all those are just from my point of view so suck it up . 
Oh and sorry for the short update though.

Thanks for reading ! :* in the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Cheers to June holidays peeps ! :* 
To start off everything, my Vietnam trip was postponed to October :( well at least it was still well spent with other activities that was planned by school (: I wouldn't say all activities were great but totally appreciate the effort ! (: 
Starting off with the other day when I went to JCube with my friends (: 

So whenever I go to JCube with my friends, no doubt we will go to ice-skate xD despite still not knowing / being capable of ice-skating yet xD well it's probably saddening cause I'm always left out .. Too used to it but I won't show it out lah duh ._. people be like judging like confirm .
Why are people so judgmental ._. Ugh forget it .
Later on , we rented the seal (: and it was way easier to skate with that as it gives the support. 

After the tiring and freezing 2 hours of ice-skating, we went to Manhattan Fish Market to have lunch :D 
It was just yummzzzz ~ xD 

Following up to the next event :) 

It's the Merchant of Venice play (:
I'm not pretty sure about other schools but my literature is about that story (: it was a great play actually .. Better than I expected because it was in modern settings. Like they were using phones, iPads, laptops and etc.
There were 2 characters that stood out the most : Launcelot and Gratiano .
For Launcelot , he spoke a little bit of singlish and he even ate the audience's food xD he was relatively funny (: 
As for Gratiano, he's character in the play was more expressive than in the book .. So it was really good ! (:
Oh and there were so many Caucasians there at the play and they were so good looking *.* and and BASSANIO! Gosh, he's so handsome !!!! xD 
During the play, my clique literally were munching away xD we brought so much food there and I guess we finished most of it and the drinks too xD 
So the whole outdoor play experience at Fort Canning Park was really eye-opening (: you must always try out different stuffs in your life (: and you can't forget the great company of the awesome people in your lives right (;

And I also safely returned home (: Thanks to a friend over a rainbow xD just joking :3 but it was a great ride home though (: 
Thanks again to whoever you are ( you know it :3 ) 

Thirdly: Sea Aquarium 

For all of your info , I've never ever been to sea aquarium until 25/5. xD reason being the admission ticket is really expensive and I can't afford lah >< well luckily I have great relatives that brought me there to enjoy and took great care of me (: gosh I love them so much (: and I had a great lunch at Din Tai Fung (: 
*looks like there's a lot of first times xD *

As I've mentioned that I didn't go to Vietnam due to their situations there and the trip was postponed. But our dear school had kindly prepared many activities for us :) 

The magical events all started on Tuesday *.* 
xD just joking guys 
First stop : LITTLE INDIA

We had to complete a trail and it's just like completing missions and stuffs. 
Not my first time there but it's been so long though (: 
Also did Henna (: the design was simple yet pretty (: simplicity is the key (; 

Next stop : NEWater Visitor Centre

This would probably be the most boring one amongst all ._. I literally slept throughout cause I was so damn tired :( 
Well the only part that was fun gotta be selfie-ing with friends :3 

Third stop : West Coast Park

in my entire life, I've never ever been to that park before . It's so damn far like it's another end of Singapore :/ but nonetheless it was a great place for a class bonding (; 
The class committee actually planned out diff activities for us and the first activity was captain's ball (: 
Well not everybody is good at that game luh .. I'm actually really bad at it but I'm good at standing in the hoop and catching the ball :D 

Being bored, we went to the nearby 'playground' that has the really cool thing for us to play xD I really dun know how to explain it :( 
Just try to imagine it okay xD

I swear the feeling was damn shiok , exciting and a little bit of fear xD the whole experience was just fun ! ^^ 

The class bonding was definitely a success as all had fun there we took many pics <3 
Thanks to Greg for bringing his DSLR that took so much amazing pics ^^

Also after the class bonding, went to watch Maleficient with friends (:
Movie review time :D
It was really great ! The storyline wasn't what I expected and it was way better than the actual story of sleeping beauty as it focuses more on the 'evil queen' . 
If you haven't watch it yet, do catch it at a cinema near you (; you guys totally shouldn't miss it (: 

Last stop : Asian Civilisation Museum

I don't know about you guys but at the name of it , it sounds like the museum is gonna be boring >_< it'll be good for people who loves history I guess ._.
Gosh the entire place was way splendid than I expected it :3 my meaning of splendid was that it's really super good for candid photos xD like you can totally have a photoshoot there :D 


That's actually what I love about the museum lol :P and it's amazing and beautiful staircase to the basement :D we totally took a lot of pics there xD 

I wanna go back there to take more nice photos !! xD 

Also on Friday night, I went back to Malaysia (: 
To be real honest , I prefer to be there than being in SG :/ well it's because over there it's not HDB flats, it's literally 'kampong' houses (: I'm not sure how I feel about it but I can tell you that I sort of enjoy and love it (: 

Also since it's June now, I decided maybe I shall rebond my hair? Nah just jk but I really did rebond my hair though xD 

It's really straight and not that puffy now (: and also the heavy weight of my hair is gone ! :D still trying to get use of the straightness and it's really soft >< but I swear I'm so not used to putting chemical on my hair :/ 

Well I hope that I didn't leave anything out (: May was great nonetheless ! :D and finally it's June where all the craziness starts (; 
Already half a year is gone .. Time really flies huh .

That's about it for this post guys ! (: Thanks for reading ! ^^ in the meantime , stay awesome and be happy ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Monday, 28 April 2014

//After MYE//

I guess I didn't wanted to delay this post so here it is ! :D 
First things first , MYE IS FINALLY OVER!!
Gosh it's been the hardest days man .. I SWEAR I HATE EXAMS FOREVERRR :( 
Well , personally I hate studying :(  and now I'm too happy that it's over :D 
But actually I only hate the part that I have to go and write so much for exams but I love the fact that we can go home straight after exams . xD 

Firstly I'm gonna share with you guys what I'm into these days , weeks , months (: 

I'm super duper into The Mortal Instruments these days !! Every single day I would read and read and read during my free time (: It had totally became a daily routine to read at least a few pages >< I'm already on the fourth book, City of Fallen Angels <3 
So far I personally think my fav would be City of Glass, the third book . (: so much battles and cool stuff that goes on (: 
And I totally recommend you guys to read The Mortal Instruments and watch City of Bones online ! (: once in awhile I would watch it too (: but dun watch if you're scared of demons okay >< 
I got addicted to drawing the sign and I literally draw it every single day and on my books and notes also my exam question papers >< fyi , mortal instruments have a total of 6 books (: 
Go read it guys !!!!!! 

I tried drawing the different runes :D 

Not much happened within this short period of time though ._. But at least there's some is can talk about :D 

Starting off with my good friend's birthday ! Happy belated birthday once again Pei Xuan ! <3 we went to awfully chocolate after our first paper to celebrate her birthday (: the food there is seriously damn great and not very cheap lah hehe but ought to go there and eat though (: theirs cakes are so yummy and pretty *.* really hope she love it there <3 thanks Hanis for bringing us there <3 you know we love you right :* 

Mirror selfie yo ! 

Also the other day after geography paper I think >< we saw Jade at amk area filming at we are really lucky and grateful that she agreed to take a pic with us ! ^^ 
Gosh she's damn pretty up close and very very humble and lovely *.*
Thanks for taking the pic with us ! ^_^

As of today , my friends and I went to catch a movie ! (: we watched Alien Abduction . Well I guess the movie was sort of like someone vlogging? But there's some parts that will really scare you ._. Shall not spoiler you guys lah okay :D if you wan , just go to a cinema near you and catch the movie okay ! ^^
Also after the movie, we went to LAN . 
Confession time xD I've never been to a LAN before .. But I've heard of it so I roughly know what it was like and what I can do there (: there's so many computers there and I so wish that I can bring one home cause the com there is much better than the one I'm using at home ._. Games for a few hours and gosh i really laughed a lot xD 
If you're wondering why I have the time to hang out a weekday is not because I pon school and go out and play okay xD it's just because that we dun have to go to school lah xD hehe :3
After all , today was definitely a well day spent ! ^_^
Tmr will be another great day indeed because there's no school again and I'm heading out ! (: YEHET ! 
Summing up today ! <3 

Oh and for all of your info (: I've cut my hair (: well I didn't expect it to be this short but I'm loving the length so far (: it's a pretty good length (: but I can't deny that I'm missing my old long hair :/ 

I'd probably only update my blog after I've come back from my Vietnam trip so stay tuned for that blogpost alright ! I promise you that the upcoming blogpost will be great ! :D 

I guess that's about it for this post (: I know it's short already but I've tried to put in my best for it >< Thanks for reading ! In the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Friday, 18 April 2014


Hey guys ! I know I haven't been updating as much as I wanted to but let bygones be bygones :3 so here's the update lah hehe <3 (lmao) 
For a moment I kinda went blank cause that's the perks for not updating and you literally blanked out and forget the events that happened ._. 
Yes yes many things happened and I'm gonna slowly type it out :3 

Many birthdays had past and I can't possibly type it all out >< I'm so sorry >< I'm just gonna start off with 

Choir Concert ❤️
The concert was really really great ! 
Also defintely with the awesome company of my great friends <3 
And also very happy that I get to watch my junior, Zachary perform for the concert ! (: so good job !!! (:

Great night spent at PLMGS ! 

The next event gotta be the Annual Speech Day ! ^^ I volunteered to help out for the prize presentation as I wanna experience it rather than helping out for refreshments as I actually thought it would be boring ._. >_< 
Well it was a great experience though (: the teachers were all really patient and kind to guide me through as it was my first time (: so thank you ^_^ and my seniors as well for being really kind too (: 
Definitely the most anticipated part was dinner xD got to see my NCC friends ! :D And and FOODDDDD <3 hehe (: didn't eat much as I gave them to those hungry peeps lah (: I swear they are the best UG friends ever lahhhh <3 
Also my last year's co-form teacher, Ms Su, she came back and I was assdffhhjkkl happy like omggggg ! I miss her so damn much :((( but it felt so good to see her and talk to her <3 
To sum it up , Speech Day'14 was a great success and I had a great experience and so much fun ! Can't wait till next year's Speech Day ! ^^ 

On that same week's Sunday , I went to Gardens By The Bay with my mum (: 
Well for all of your info xD , I've never been it GBTB (short form ok) before ._. So my mum decided to go together with me :D love her lots :* actually something stupid must've went wrong in my head lah :(  I took out my camera's memory card and I didn't put it back until we were otw there then I realized T.T we walked all the way back to MBS to get a sd card ._. 
Lesson learnt : check camera's battery and memory card ._.
Other than that unhappy moment everything went well smoothly ~ It was 'TulipMania' season I guess >< the tulips were so so gorgeous *.* it's like splash with so many colours *.* 
Also there were many other flowers as well (: I guess I found my fav flower (: it's none other than Daisy <3 

It's so small and pretty <3 
Well , every flower has it's own pretty-ness in one way or another (: 

Also there was like a waterfall in Cloud Forest (: And it's especially cold inside there :/ I was wearing shorts but after awhile the cold never bothered me anyway xD 

To sum that wonderful day up ❤️

Also , I've managed to captured a few nice shots of Marina Bay ~ I really love it there <3 really a nice attraction for the tourists and locals <3 

This event that I'm gonna say next may not be as important or meaningful . Well it's about my Napha , my 2.4km run . 
Last year , I failed 2 to 3 times till I passed but this year it took me 16 min to complete the run. It may seem like it's nothing to you but it's such a big diff for me. I didn't expected myself to pass .. I thought I would fail badly this year. I'm so glad I proved myself wrong (': Even though my timing might not be as fast as many of you guys , I'm still glad I achieved a 'C'. :D it wasn't easy , but I'm glad I did it ! (: 

Also , these few days or I would say weeks, hadn't been the best times for me also the happy moments were like so minimal .. Just too much shits that's going on and sometimes I just dun know how to approach the matter and handle it by myself. I feel bad for troubling my friends to understand those situations and giving me advices :/ I'm really grateful to my close friends, Pei Xuan , Jocelyn, Siti and Hanis <3 
Also my 2/7 friends <3 I'm so glad that they were here for me (': I swear all of you guys are damn sweet <3 >< (': I love you guys so much ((((': 

To Raudhah my incredibly awesome and great friend <3 (': 
Thank you for always spending time on WhatsApp and after school listening and reading my long messages , giving good advices and also cheering me up when I'm at my darkest hours <3 
you've been there so much for me (': and I can't thank you enough (': 
Really thank you so much for all these while <3 and sorry if I ever disturbed you >< Thank you Raudhah <3 Saranghae <3 사랑해<3
Also thank you to all that helped me the other day when I cried >< thank you guys so much (': 

Well I just got back from Malaysia today (: it was great trip back though it was short (: got to see my grandma after so long :)) 
It was an impromtu trip so didn't prepare much too xD 

Also wishing everyone all the best for your mye ! :D Jia yous !! 

I guess that's about it ! Sorry for this late update ! I guess this post sums April up <3 Thanks for reading ! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Yayyyyy it's been 2 weeks so here's the post ~ But on a sad note , hehe down with cough .. My voice for now is seriously lost .. It's not bad , it's worser than bad :( I typically get cut off by my own words if that even make sense lol xD .. Like eating up my own words xD 
I really really miss my voice though T.T I can't talk to my friends properly and you people out there might just make the worst joke out of my horrible voice ._. Yes , it sounds manly and also 'sexy' at the same time but I'm surely having a difficult communicating with my friends :( 
Okay let's begin with the March holidays ~~

For the first three days of hols , I had to attend first aid course at nicoll highway (st john's hq) for my badges sake .. More or less the course was quite neutral I guess .. It has it's pros and cons definitely . Pros is learning first aid lah of cuz xD cons is the place is freaking far and I have to wake up damn early :( 
Of cuz every course will have the test right and I ................... PASS THE TEST ! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for Rycelyn , hip hip HOORAY . Hip hip HOORAY ~ sorry for the lame part tho xD 
Well , YEHETTTT <3 ~~

Also on 17/3 after the course , I went to ITE College Central to watch my school's band performance ~ The performance was great ! Especially all the amazing encores ! Let It Go gotta be the best ! ;) I really had a lot of fun there that night ! Thanks for putting up a great show for us , AMB ! <3 

Tues and Wed went as usual as it was first aid ._. Thurs was sorta like a rest day for me ~ it was great definitely . Sleeping from night till afternoon 12pm+ is definitely the best ! :D 
On Fri , I went out with my friends to Bugis and Orchard (: Had lots of fun time shopping with those peeps at Orchard mostly ! :> They crack the lamest joke to brighten up people's day ! Can't wait to hang with them soon ! 
P.s we didn't take pics so no photos xD

So that's how I spent my March holidays~
And now it's all back to school again :< 
It definitely sucks to go to school when you're sick . I get teased for my voice and it's also damn hard for me to talk to my friends ._. 
And also despite having this 

I still went for my cca ._. I couldn't talk much throughout the week which was damn horrible ._. 

On a happy note ! :) I went out with a bunch of awesome friends to catch Divergent ! :D review time :D
THE MOVIE WAS DAMN GREAT ! I swear I was wrong about the movie lah ._. I thought it wouldn't be nice but I was SO WRONG . The movie was just da bomb man ! Shipping time :DDDD 
TRIS AND FOUR <3 hehehehe xD 
So if you guys haven't catch Divergent yet , go watch it now alright ! Trust me you won't regret watching it ! #dauntless 
You would know what I hashtagged if you had watched the movie (; 

                      Yehet ! <3 
And also March is coming to an end :( but a great month though :') memorable memories during this month <3 And those memories will be kept in my mind forever and always <3 I love you guys :* 
Thank you :* :') 

Well I guess that's about it ! (: Thanks for reading ! In the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! :* 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

//Finally 14//

Okies finally after some time already ! Woots ! Hey hey hey everyone ~ Wait , it hasn't been that long since I last updated right xD well nvm :D HOLD UP AGAIN ! 
*CHEERS FOR MARCH* Yayyyyyyy :P (kinda lame right) 
March is here ~ Happy me ! Hehe :) Finally after three months and now I'm turning 14 :O Can't believe I'm getting older each year T.T 

2 weeks ago (?) I went to Malaysia to celebrate my grandma's birthday ! ^^ It was surely a great trip though it was short but still it was really fun ! :) 
Hmmm if you're wondering , I usually dun travel by car to Malaysia :) my mum and I would always take the buses (: Good thing is the bus lane will always be faster than the cars lane :3 
After we reached Malaysia , we went to City Square to ... SHOP ! If there's a mall , you definitely can't miss out shopping there (; all the beauty shops there are so asdfghjkl ! There's even NATURE REPULIC THERE TT 
And guess who I saw ^_^ hehehe :) 
                   EXO 엑소 ! <3 

Gosh they are so handsome lah hehe <3 
And almost every shop there are just way bigger than Singapore's one ._. EVEN THEIR FAMOUS AMOS ! TT
The Famous Amos has almost every sweets and chocolates and also cookies ._. 
So if there's a mall , you definitely can't miss out on finding Starbucks right ? (; 
Hehehe overjoyed me ~~~ Got to drink Caramel Machiato there ! <3 Another new fav drink (: 
And let's fast forward to dinner okays (; YUMMZZZ
We went to the Korean bbq restaurant to have our dinner with all the other relatives  ! So glad they booked it for us to enjoy some bonding and not forgetting the good food we had there ~ <3 
After all , this trip was still awesome and defintely fun ! 

Next event was Cross Country ! Didn't ran for it this year , but instead I went to help out for my CCA !
I actually gave out banana and a bottle of water for the runners ! Even though it may seemed boring , it was still not so boring lah hehe :3
Also took many pics and had some fun with le class after my duties (: 
Really proud of Evon and Hannah ! (: Both clinched the top 2 places ! (: Grats once again <3 
Also to Matin ! Thanks for bringing glory to 2/6 again this year ! (: So proud of you that you managed to get 1st again ! ^_^ Jia yous for next year ! (:
Great friends ! <3

Part 2 of the pics (: With some teachers(:

Sadly , right after cross country was my training camp . I was totally dreading my camp cause I've never ever been to one and I'm a little homesick .. 
The first day I can't deny that it was super duper tiring ._. We had to pitch our tent which was for us to sleep .. AND THAT DAMN CANVAS WAS SO HEAVY TT Pitching the tent was real tiring ._. 
For Day 2 , we did PT and also outdoor cooking . It was quite fun as I somehow like to cook as well .. 
So fast forward to Day 3 . FINALLY . WE WERE GONNA GO HOME AND ESCAPE FROM THAT SO CALLED 'HELL' . Was really glad that we finally could go home and have much more rest ! 
Through this camp , I totally experienced many different camping stuffs . Like outdoor cooking , sitting in a meal ring and also enjoying different games that were specially planned out for us .. Despite all our hardwork for the camp , I actually did had fun .. But still I am already dreading next year's camp alr ..

So let's talk about today then (: 
Today was a special day as I've finally turned 14 (: a year older le boo hoo hoo :/ I'm so thankful to all friends and relatives who wished me 'Happy Birthday' and to those who gave gifts , I'm truly grateful and I will treasure the gift <3 I can't express how much I love you guys and your mini surprises today <3 Thank you all so incredibly much <3 
Firstly , I wanna thank Rini and Joys who were the first few to wish (': I'm truly touched and happy that you guys remembered and also took the time to type it out <3 Thank you all so much <3 
And Rini , take care and get well soon alright :* 
And also Raudhah (': Awwww man .. I'm so touched with everything you had done for me (': You dun know how grateful I am to have you as my good friend whom I can count on and always cheer me up (': Thank you so much okay for the card and the present <3 ilysm :* x

And to Jamie and Xuan , you guys never fail to put a smile on my face everytime my mood is bad (': Thank you all so much for everything you guys had done for me (': You guys are really really a bunch of great friends <3 Thanks for the gifts <3 iloveyouguys :* x 

And to my Mei , thanks for saying Happy Birthday so many times today >< 
To all that sang the birthday song in the canteen , omg I was totally shocked though >< Thank you all so much :* 
Really love you guys so much <3 
Just thank you to all that came into my life and made me smile in my darkest hours (': You guys are really great great friends (': Thank you all so much :* 
And to Cavin , John and Allaster , thanks for buying the gift >< you guys didn't have to spend the money though ._. But thank you (: 

Today won't be memorable without you guys <3 Thank you :* <3 x 

Thank you <3 x :* 

Thanks for reading <3 In the meantime , stay awesome and be happy always ! 

Hugs & Kisses !