Sunday, 19 July 2015

Halfway thru July

Hey all! It has been a hell of  3 weeks for me in school. It went pretty bad and good I would say.. It had its worst and best. But firstly, Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to all my Muslim friends and teachers and everyone! Hope y'all will enjoy this time!

Moving on, as for CCA now. All UGs in my school are all practising for our school's national day parade. Its so surreal because I can't believe its my 3rd and last year participating in it:/ I'm surely gonna miss the tiring, under the scorching sun and fun trainings with all UGs and Mr Eu :/ As of this year, I'm not exactly in the contingent rather I'm outside the contingent xD Well hahaha, I'm the Contingent Commander.
During the first session, no shit I was panicking about how I would do and what if I did something wrong and stuff. My mind was so filled with worries but I gotta thank my nice UG friends for giving my endless and countless supports and encouragements!^^ I LOVE YOU GUYS OMG hehehe. There are more trainings to come and I hope I won't screw up>< 
I'll update you guys after 6 August (;

Moving on~
CA2 and SA2 are coming soon and they will be over quickly like a bullet train. I really just wanna get over the papers ASAP and enjoy my holidays (i think i'll be working LOL). But nonetheless, I wanna not worry about my exams :/ They are really a pain in the ass. Starting of the year, I was doing really good in my accounts but I'm honestly not sure about now. I was scoring an A1 but now I think I might honestly fail. Ever since my POA teacher changed, my results dropped so tremendously. Like there was a vast difference in the scores and results. I don't understand shit in class which clearly means that the teacher isn't teaching us in the right way. But luckily, the foundation of my accounts isn't that bad. If not, I'll probably flunk the entire year. 

Studies and school aside,
On the day of Hari Raya, my family and relatives had a nice picnic at... PASIR RIS Park.

Bet you were all guessing it to be East Coast Park. Well, we finally learned that there were not many people at Pasir Ris Park and it was nicer like that and it didn't seem that crowded compared to ECP. Everything was nice. The companionship, the food which was super awesome as it was homecooked. THERE WAS CHICKEN CURRY so I couldn't complain much and my fav bee hoon cooked by my awesome aunt <3 , and the laughter, the smiles I see on everyone's face (: Glad that we all had a great time at Pasir Ris Park like we always do when we have gatherings like this :D I can't wait till the next one and definitely can't miss out the scumptious food! 

(took this without them knowing (; ) 

I know this is a really short update but oh well I haven't update for like almost a month now (OMG oops). I honestly didn't realise it was that long too><
But I guess the next time that I'll update would most slightly be the national day break. Well, I can't wait HAHAHAHA. Cause it'll will be a long break ;D
I'm really grateful if you actually read this post or even up till here haha><
Thank you for reading and I LOVE YOU ALL <3
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !

Monday, 22 June 2015

Garena Carnival 2015

Hey all ! hahaha so as the title says, this post will be mainly about my experience at Garena Carnival 2015.
I guess many may not know so yeah this was my second time going to garena carnival and it was honestly 'Twice the SIZE, Twice the FUN'. The venue was bigger, games booths had larger space and the seating area was also larger. Well, I must admit that this year's one was way better than last year's.

Day 1:
Like the usuals, it was the Blackshot Finals. Didn't really paid much attention till I think half way through the match as my friend and I were just mainly shopping at Suntec City and walking around the carnival. There were many booths and also not forgetting the freaking awesome cosplayers! Since there's League of Legends, there were many people who cosplayed the different champions of the game. I must honestly admit that they were so good and they all looked pretty. My favourite was the Pool Party Lee Sin and Debonair Ezreal !>< The ezreal guy was really handsome and cute hehehee><

Pool Party Lee Sin :D   (yes, his abs are real)

Even though I didn't paid much attention the blackshot game, if I didn't remember wrongly, this time TeamSAGE won. Well, I somehow expected NGS to win but no:< nevermind haha have next year ;D After the matches, my friend and I caught lunch at Soup Spoon. Suntec City's soup spoon's interior is way prettier and somehow classier than Paragon's (im just saying)

When we went back after lunch, we were just in time for TLC. The teams competing were NyanZone and ThirstyChinchillas. I didn't have a particular favourite but I kinda like Insidious Gaming Legends hehehe. I wasn't sure how many matches they played as we left after the first but NyanZone won so haha.
On the whole, day 1 was great but I was definitely looking forward to day 2!

Day 2:
Woke up early for this day haha. Was somehow a little excited I must admit haha. Well, when we reached, we were pretty bored cause we didn't wanted to watch the Fifa match so we went to H&M to shop, actually not much shopping but more like taking nice pictures inside the fitting room. We literally made good use of that big fitting room, its lighting, mirror and even its bench! Trust me, when it comes to pictures, your brain becomes creative. Well, it was kinda fun taking those pictures. Can't deny that they aren't pretty because they are HAHA and geez the lighting was so good.

OMG HAHA back to the carnival! We went back and watched the last bit of the Fifa match not knowing what was going on but still haha. Well, after awhile we got kinda bored so we went around finding cosplayers to take pictures. Day 2's cosplayers were much more than Day 1's and they are looked stunning ! My favourite has to be the original Lee Sin skin cosplayer! He is so funny and friendly hahahaha. And when I say original skin, it meant that he is blind. Like legitly blind. HAHAHA

p.s. I know this photo looks funny xD

As for the cosplayers, many cosplayed as Ahri, Katarina, Annie, Ezreal, Lee Sin, Janna, Ashe, Riven. Also the more unique ones like Star Guardian Lux (the new skin), Rammus, Azir, Rek Sai, Le Blanc, Garen, Caitlyn, Darius, Orianna and Jarvan IV, Fiddlesticks, Yasuo. (I know that was alot!><) Yeah there was a cosplay competition held and guess who won?  RAMMUS! Well, can't deny that he isn't cute LOL. 
those were the cosplayers who participated in the competition

On Day 2 was the finals for TLC, and yaassss its IGL vs NYZ. Harleluyar. hehehee it was nothingg unless you know what I'm talking about><
I clearly remembered shivering throughout the 5 matches. Holy geez, the venue was so cold. IGL dominated the first match but then somehow lost the second:( and a few other rounds.. Was somehow upset the they came in second place.. But they were so good!!! LY4 and his Hecarim ><
Was glad that I came for this year's day 2 as it was clearly much more fun than day 1 and I sure had lots of fun and definitely enjoyed myself! 

In a nutshell, Garena Carnival 2015 was clearly a blast for me! I most definitely had loads of fun and I sure had taken loads of photos. Couldn't be happier than I already am haha. This year was Twice the size and Twice the fun ;) So what about next year? I'm hoping it would be as good as this year's or even better!! hehehehe, I can't wait till next year's Garena Carnival already!! It was great, everything was awesome ! 

So haha thank you so much for reading! Seems like a lengthy post to me but if you read it up till here you know I love you right? :* I kinda saved the best photo for the last so hehehe. Thank you so much for reading once again!!!! ILOVEYOU LOADS! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !  #garenacarnival2015

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Books and Got7

Hey all surfers of the net. So as many may know, currently its the school holidays which means PARTEHHHH. Actually not really haha. Yeah, its really relaxing these days other than those that we'll have to go back to school :<  Holidays actually meant that there would be homework, projects and tons of what nots. GEEZ, all those above are the bane of my life..
Okay so not ruining the good mood of the holidays, but first, cheers to the holidays aye (;

To be honest, I didn't really know what to update about so I guess this post would be rather random..
As you know, in the past I was reading The Infernal Devices, which is the prequel of The Mortal Instruments.. Yeap, around late April I had finally completed the series of infernal devices but I just didn't have the time to review it>< So I guess the time's now then(:
In my opinion, infernal devices is a better series compared to mortal instruments even though its the same author(LOL YDS), but honestly, the contents in Infernal Devices is way more interesting and it seriously captures your attention in the book that you can be really engrossed. Also it brings you to the shadow world in your imaginations. Oh! William Herondale and James Carstairs are super hot okay!(I know its fictional characters but omg let your imaginations guide you!) But if you are more interested of the past of the shadowhunters, you should totally read Infernal Devices then read the sequel which is Mortal Instruments. Now, I'm on City of Heavenly Fire and I am nowhere near finishing the book xD The book is THICK. And I'm feeling super lazy to read because I got attached to fanfiction all over again._. But I just can't resist OMG. The fanfic is just too good and I just can't refrain myself from it.. BACK to Cassandra Clare, HAHA got caught off guard! Well, I cried when reading the last book which is, Clockwork Princess. It was the first book that brought me to tears. I just got so attached to the book and the characters that I teared up... Its just not everyone has an eternal life span.. On the whole, it's a MARVELOUS book/ series. And I definitely and totally recommend you to read it! Yeah and read The Mortal Instruments too !!!!

Yeah, as you can tell, I somehow enjoy reading a lot. I truly do though.. While reading, your imaginations and your mind takes charge and it blocks you out from reality which is what I personally hate to face so when I read, the book takes my worries and problems away and I imagine myself in an entire different world. Oh not forgetting to mention, its super stress-free. :D

I know many of you out there are like me who loves to read fan-fiction. I can't go a day without reading a few chapters of fanfic. Like it became a daily routine to open Wattpad and go to my current fanfic. And yes, I'm still on those One Direction fanfictions. Those are honestly the best! The K-POP ones just can't beat the 1D ones. Currently, I'm on a book called 'Bound'. Its honestly super unbelievably good. I'm so in love with the book and I can't wait to finish the book and read the sequel!! Oh not forgetting 'Role Play', I finished it not too long ago, and it was great hahaha but I gotta admit that I kinda love Bound a little more>< But hey, 'Cabin Three' is not bad too! So haha I sort of mentioned a few names here so check those fanfictions out! I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

Enough bout reading and books. So haha, I have been maybe a little crazy with these 7 boys that debuted last year. And they are known as the 'Boyfriend Idols'. Geez, I'm actually not crazy but I'm in love with them.. And they are..........................


They are actually drivin' me crazy everytime. I can't watch a video of them without screaming or spazzing. They are all so adorable and funny. They are not like the other group.. They are one of the few new groups that stood out the most. I personally don't have much preference for VIXX, BTS, BTOB and etc. I don't know why I became so attached to them.. geez I sound so weird><
Yeah I'm absolutely a fan of them and am so in love with all their songs!! Oh and their dance too, its super good>< You should totally watch Real Got7!! They are on the third season now! YaYyyyyyy! I'm definitely a IGOT7 HAHAHA <3 To clear your doubt, my fav is the LA boy (;


So yeah, I guess this is a little random and stuff but oh well I thought some updates would be great.
If you read this post and hopefully read it up till here><, thank you haha I know its really out of the blue. I LOVE ALL OF YOU HAHA IM SO HIGH OKAYYYY
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Super Show 6

First up, IM TERRIBLY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING>< (sorry for the caps though><)
Yeah, been really busy and also on a good note, MYE IS FINALLY OVER <3 omg, JUNE HOLIDAYS IS COMING!!!!!!! I'm beyond excited hahahaha.

I guess not many may know that on 1/5/2015, I went to Super Show 6. Yes, I said it. SUPERSHOW6. Yes, Super Junior's concert! :D Not many may know too but this is my second Super Show and I attended both shows with my sister.
It was seriously yet another surreal time for me to be this close to my all time idols. Just that this time it was closer to them than the first xD

The moment when I was there at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, I reminisced moments of the previous super show that I attended. That day sadly, I wasnt fully recovered from cough and flu yet but nonetheless, anything for Super Junior♡
Of course every Super Show is different in its themes and also different SJ members leaving for army and those who came back from army. Omg I can't even imagine super show without Ryeowook><
Well this time, we're missing Sung Min, ShinDong and still Yesung but if you kept up, Yesung is out from army and will be joining SJ activities too!

Back to the concert, they kicked off the stage with Twins, yeah I know many will say that they don't know this song, well then just go listen to it. And after that, my fav rock song, Bonamana. And OMG, HeeChul was drumming during Sorry Sorry and it was in front of me like literally. It was sort of a special stage and gosh it was super amazing. And as you know, the typical concert rules saying that we ain't allowed to take photos blahblahblah... But still how can the fans resist right lol but yeah screw the rules HAHA. I didn't show my phone until it was like nearly the ending of the concert. And yes I snapped some photos :D

I wasn't that close to the point that I can touch them and stuff but I could see them crystal clear and trust me they look so unreal but they're real. Like they have flawless looking skin just like how I see them on my computer/phone screen but on that day, I saw them upclose and their facial features were hella clear and omg they looked actual. But my phone isn't a DSLR so as you can see from the above photos, those weren't the screen okay but its actually them irl. hehehehe, I was like a kid having a lollipop that day, gosh I was definitely really happy (':

During the Encore Stage, they performed Mamacita, From U and Haru. My whole soul seemed to be over the rainbow when they performed Mamacita >< Like OMG, it was so freaking awesome and wts I listen to that song for almost everyday and also watches that video many many times and on that day I heard and saw them perform it live!!!! hehehe. And during From U (fyi, this song is actually specially for ELFs), I actually somehow teared up as the song was specially dedicated for us the fans and yeap they actually sang it and Leeteuk said "This song is dedicated, to the world's biggest fan club, the 'ELF'. My girls, my angels (': and 늘 고맙고 사랑한다." That last sentence meant 'I will always thank you and love you.' I couldn't be more happy that I saw and heard that performance.

OMG I just realised that I was being long-winded... But anyways, my favourite  part of the concert was definitely when they performed Evanesce. This song really meant something to me and I've grown this attachment to the song till now that I still love it really much. I couldn't and never will erase the memory of that precious performance that happened in front of me.

It has been 16 days now and I am confident to tell you that I'm already missing them badly. I can't believe that I had seen them twice now up close and omg everytime it seems to feel like the first. It has been a wonderful 8 years that I had spent supporting the pillars of my life and I don't think that I can ever thank them enough for making my life this great and interesting. They made me somehow look forward to every day and whenever I see their faces on my phonescreen, I cannot help but smile even when I'm at my darkest hours. Sapphire Blue has been my colour since 2007 till this very day and trust me, it will never EVER change. Thank you for everything, Super Junior. I love you♡
정말 감사합니다^^ 사랑해♡

Really sorry for this lengthy post but truthfully from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate every reader and thank you so much for reading and if you read it up till here, you know I love you right? :*
Hopefully I'll update soon and sorry again for this late update><
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses !

Sunday, 29 March 2015


It had been a really saddening week for my fellow Singaporeans and I because our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had passed on.

On 27/3/2015's night, I went to the Parliament House with my family to pay our last respects for Mr Lee. We started queuing at around 11pm and we got inside the Parliament House at 7am. Yes, we queued for 9 hours but we didn't mind it at all. 9 hours meant nothing if one could spent his life building up a nation. I personally feel that all Singaporeans should pay their respect to Mr Lee because without him, Singapore wouldn't be what it is today. Also, I wanna thank the volunteers, officers and everyone that was helping out with the long queue yesterday. Thank you volunteers and NSmen for giving us fruits, bread and water to help us stay through the night. Thank you officers for making sure everyone had a space to sit and rest. if it wasn't for you guys, I believed there would be so much mess, so thank you all very much!

If it wasn't for his dedication and determination, Singapore would not be the clean and green city that we are now. Thanks to him, we are all living comfortably in a place called HDB flats. He promised the people that he was gonna build HDB and he really did it. He was indeed a man who doesn't go back on his words. He had contributed so much for the country, like being from a third world country to a first world metropolis. I'm also thankful for the trees I see wherever I go in the country.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr Lee for all you've done for Singapore. You've devoted so much of your life for the country and now it's time for you to rest. So may you rest in peace.
Thank you once again and I'm forever proud to be Singaporean.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Hey all again! It's 5 March nowww like finally its March. A long awaited month for me hehehe.
Haha I know its been quite some time since I last updated but oh well before I forget, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ALL <3 Chinese New Year will officially end today. So I didn't forget you at all heheheh. To be super frank, I really had a fun and enjoyable CNY celebration in Malaysia. BUT unfortunately, I fell sick 2 days before cny and I had a really bad cough:/ Hahas but still I had fun^^

On 18/2, I skipped school that day as it was CNY eve and I was heading back to Malaysia on that day (: It was an easy trip back this time without squeezing into buses and be in crowds because my dearest uncle came to City Square to pick my family up and drove us to ah ma house <3

Like how a cny eve reunion dinner would be like.. We had Louhei and of course Steamboat. Okay omg i cant i have to say it, almost every dinner we were having steamboat ever since cny started and also having louhei xD
Haha so after dinner, had a great time with some relatives as we chatted and caught up with each other. Being in the festive season, you definitely can't miss out on the fireworks (: It was then that I felt that it was really cny. yeap haha so obviously I had collected alot of red packets. 

As of Day 1, I went visiting to my malaysia's aunt's place (: Her house was always so comfy and cozy as its like super big. Yeap so I had my dinner there and there was louhei xD but it wasnt a steamboat dinner (:

Moving on to Day 2 (: 
Its kinda sad as it was time for me to go back home:/ Really couldn't bear to go back as I really love it there._. And now I have no idea when I'll be going back ._.
But its okay ;D I had lots of fun and I cant wait for next year's cny in malaysia already<3

DAY 3 
It was the day when all my relatives would be coming over to my house :D
Haha it was said in chinese that when people come to your house, your house will 旺 (: Well, since there were so many people who came, I also received lots of ang baos too *.* 
OMG i also took pics with my cute cousins :D

So as for cny, I didn't really visited much but there were many people who came to my house. It was really a fun cny for me this year. Couldn't feel blessed enough to have all my relatives with me (': I love all of them to the moon and back <3 I also couldn't thank them enough for coming over to my house as I had enjoyed myself that day (: Can't wait for CNY 2016 ! 

In addition, there were a few movies that came out during the cny period. I watched 2 of it and they were : Ah Boys To Men 3 : Frogmen  and Dragon Blade. ( MOVIE REVIEW TIME)

Ah Boys To Men 3
As some of you may know, I used to really like ABTM ( I still do okay). And honestly I was truly waiting for this third film to be out. I didn't have any expectations for the movie but frankly speaking I was super impressed with it and this time, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. The starting was nice, the effects was good and OMG TOSH AND EVERYONE SO HOT!!! Oh there was this new guy called 'Hei Long' in the movie and his real name is called 'Wesley'. Gawd I can't deny that he isn't hot but the fact that he actually is xD. Other than that, the movie's content was really good and hilarious and its also definitely worth your 2 hours (: So I strongly recommend you guys to watch it! 

Catch Ah Boys To Men 3 at a cinema near you! #hamkachan

Dragon Blade :
Firstly, many might think that I watched the movie just because 'Choi Si Won' (from Super Junior) is inside but you're so partially wrong and right. Probably only 1/4 of me wanted to watch for Si Won but 3/4 of me wanted to watch because Jackie Chan was inside. I mean how can you not watch a movie that has Jackie Chan inside. 
As for the movie, it was a really emotional movie for me as I cried a lot in the movie.. Some scenes were just really touching and some are sad. But on the whole, the movie was really interesting and a little blood here and there HAHAHA. I meant there are some scenes where you can see them fighting and stuff and its really cool. So yeah, I honestly really love the movie a lot as I was so deeply touched (': Yeah and I also strongly recommend you to watch this too^^ 

I know this is just another long post but I truly appreciate if you read it up till here (:
hehehehe so thank you so much for reading! You know I love you right? :*
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses !

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Hey internet surfers ! So Valentine's Day just ended so I thought that I could share with you how I spent it. (p.s. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ALL! don't be too upset if you're single, i'm single too:D)

This year's Valentine's was spent at Orchard. It was a great day out with my classmates and some other friends. We had a nice and fun dinner at Seoul Garden, Ngee Ann City. The dress code for girls were dresses, skirts or skorts. Majority wore dresses and they look so pretty *.* My self-esteem dropped so much xD
I don't usually eat at places like seoul garden because firstly, it isn't cheap at all and buffet food isn't really cup of tea sometimes. (japanese food is fine :3) But still it was a really enjoyable dinner (: A lot of laughter and jokes (:

Well, it was a nice reunion with 2/6 people<3 I truly miss them alot and how I wish we weren't separated. I miss how comfortable I feel in the class but now I don't feel it anymore. I'm not exactly happy in my current class and I really want 2/6 back badly.

Okay I got carried away, but still I had an extremely nice dinner with my friends and I don't know what I'll do without them <3 Thanks so much guys for organizing this dinner, I had so much fun with you guys! Love ya lots!

hahaha omg I know this is such a short post but expect a long one for cny as I'll be heading MALAYSIA! I can't wait to share it with you guys already><  hehehe if you read this post, I really love you because this is such a short post xD
but still thank you so much for reading!
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

3/4 of Jan

Hey all! Its been a 3 full weeks of school and truly its still really sickening. Tests are coming up and so is Chinese New Year and majority of my tests are all before cny so its's kinda a torture._.
Also its's around 3/4 of Jan already :/ Why is time flying so quickly:(

Studies aside, CCA wise, we are preparing for the Girl Guides Thinking Day and I can't deny that doing footdrills every session is really tiring :/ But I still really love footdrill hehehe ;D

Not too long ago (17 Jan), my school had our CCA open house. It was a little more fun as I had met new UG friends when I was in sec 2>< So we kinda promoted our CCAs together but more of like me following them around and carrying their rifle xD (haha yes rifle, and yeap their cca is NCC)
As usual, all the UG groups had their performances as well as the performing arts but Girl Guides usually have gadgets built up. But tbh, I kinda wanna perform rather than set up gadgets as I really envy SJAB, NPCC & NCC._, hopes aside, it was rather a meaningful day as we get to bomb each other in the UG>< (e.g the bomb goes like : Girl Guides bomb x2 , Girl Guides bomb to NP bomb)
yeap and it goes on (: HAHA and the UG POWER went ahead to ISH to bully the sports CCAs xD
Bet y'all didn't get what I said >< but nvm haha :D

Besides school stuffs, I attended 2 wedding meals (1 lunch & dinner) with my Dad. And of course going to formal events like those, you have to dress formally. The first wedding lunch was held at Orchid Country Club which is extremely near to my house. Its about a 5 min or less drive to get there. I didn't exactly been there before and I was stunned at how nice it looked inside. Also the Grand Ballroom like it sounds, it was really huge and also really beautiful. The food served tasted fine as I had food poisoning not too long ago and I didn't have much of an appetite. 

here's a picture with the bride & groom (:

The other wedding dinner was held at Marriott Hotel, I kinda rushed home that day to prepare myself as I had CCA that day and thank god they ended at 4.30 . Marriott is an extremely nice and pretty hotel, even the toilet is nice please. I was inside for quite awhile just to take a nice #ootd  xD cause there were many mirrors surrounding the space and I thought it looked nice><

abit shameless but haha oh well :p

The food was still okay but only the dessert stood out as it was ice-cream and it was so cute. Yeap and I had a great evening there (;

On 18 Jan, my relatives invited my family to join them in their birthdays dinner at Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant (its at Ang Mo Kio btw). I truly treasure the time I spend with my relatives as they were the ones who saw me grow up to who I am now and they are always showering me with love <3
The dinner is scrumptious really haha better than the wedding meals I had. And also my little cousins went too and it was so great to see them both (: (haha i love kids!) Well, I had a great dinner with the best company of people and I can't wait to celebrate CNY with them <3

Yeap I guess that's about it and I'm sorry for the late update as I didn't have much time and here I am awake at 3.30am ++ to write this>< 
If you read up till here, ILOVEYOU hehe :*
hehehe thank you so much for reading!
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses !