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Sunday, 21 February 2016

CNY 2016

Hello all! Sighpie me:( Its been 2 months plus since I last updated. I'm so sorry oh my.. I honestly wasn't expecting myself to be this busy all this while. But since it's somewhat my graduation year, I should've already expect myself to be kept hectic all this time.. But nonetheless, I'm here now to let you all know that I'm not dead yet HAHAHA. (okay that was lame) But I kinda miss this and I realized it's kind of neglected and I feel kinda guilty..

But on quite a joyous note, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone celebrating/celebrated! Technically the last day for cny! For me, I kinda really enjoyed this year's cny cause there were so much pretty fireworks back at ah ma house and there were dogs to play with (though i got bitten by one during dec hols:( ) but the dog was super cute, small and hyper so it was alright! 
It was a 3 Days, 2 Nights celebration for me hehe! Though some of my friends kinda missed one week of school due to cny LMAO.

That was the day which I woke up super early to prepare myself and to catch the 10am train to JB Sentral. Oh my, I was truly tired man. But it was a fun ride though it was 4min HAHAHA. (okay this isn't funny oops) 
But after reaching JB Sentral, we shopped awhile and ate breakfast and someone drove us back to ah ma house yay. And I was super excited when I reached omg cause it has been too long since I last went there!! But I spent most of my time reading Heroes of Olympus - Son of Neptune!! (yes a review soon on Percy Jackson series!!) And soon dinner came and we had LOUHEI! Surely can't miss out on that on a cny eve's reunion dinner!! And we ate and waited for 00:00 for the pretty fireworks!! And after that, GODONIGHT WORLD. 

Day 1 of CNY 
I wonder if anyone felt the hype of cny lmao. But I kind of didn't until I got dressed up and got ready for visiting>< But on that we only went to 1 house though hahah staying at ah ma house was still the best yay :p But yeap, got so happy that I finally wore the blue skorts that I bought for cny!! It was super nice!! 

yeap hehehe that was my ootd for that day yayz. After all those dressing up, we were ready for the visiting yay! Let's just skip to the food omg! Because IT WAS SO GOOD! My relative made the abalone dish which I so freaking love again! OMG IT WAS JUST SUPER GOOD. And can you believe it, I only eat it once a year. POOR ME. 
But to compensate for the sadness, here's a super nice photo taken!! 

Yeap and after dinner we went back to serenity aka ah ma house and there was more fireworks again!!!! AND IT WAS SO MUCH NICER THAN CNY EVE's!! 
and goodnight to the world again(: 

Day 2 of CNY
It was the day that we went back to SG:( Though I miss home, but I knew better that I would surely miss ah ma house even more:/ 
Back to SG meant more like "VISITING AND ANG PAO TIME"!
But it was fun and nice cause aunt cooked super yummy food for dinner that day and it was my fav yay!! hehehe and wow I truly missed the food that she cooked man:( 
After that, we went to our 2nd Aunt's house and to our surprise, she was alone at home xD All her family members went out for visiting and she was alone hehehe I bet she felt happy to see us heheheh!
Talked to her for awhile and she had super nice flowers omg!! 
hehehe after that we went home and I had to sleep early cause there was school the next day. (how freaking boring could it even be fml) 

Yeah and apparently Day 3 of cny was spent in school! Seemed so sad omg ugh but actually it was so. But oh well, it was pretty fun-filled for me though it might not sound quite fun here as it isn't that detailed but it was fun still hehehe! 

It's quite a short and brief post about my CNY but still, I finally updated after so long so yay! Yeap thank you so much for reading! And if I have the time, I'll review the Percy Jackson series that I finished last holidays! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses ! 

Friday, 1 January 2016

My 2015 !

Hello internet people!!! Finally it's the last day of the year and its finally time to sum this year up! AND AND I ALMOST FORGET HOW COULD I!! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! <3
This year had been such a roller coaster for me I guess but it definitely was way better than 2014! I know this year I didn't really post as much as I did back in 2014 and that's probably one of my regrets this year. Initially, I never intended to take this seriously but as time past, I found this as my platform to write, express what's in my heart and to share my happiness with not just myself but everyone. And even though there was a time that I went MIA for about a month, I felt super bad. I did procrastinate too much I gotta admit. And I'm really sorry for that..

Okay now!!! It wouldn't be like last year's post as I wanna thank people who made a difference in my life this year! (:
Firstly, my clique!!!!
We don't have a proper clique name but that's not important because the presence of the 7 of you is already enough.. Throughout the holidays, I kinda miss recess, PE lessons, lunch and lepak moments with you guys. We had honestly went through quite a lot this year and I'm so glad that we went through it together. Thanks to the 7 of you, you gals really added color to my life <3
Ashlyn: Thank you so much for being such an easy friend that I can approach to to say the most stupidest things and tolerating my nonsense since sec 1 omg and you have to tahan it for 1 more year hehehehe I hope you dont mind :D I love you Ashlyn!! <3
Hannah: WOAH babe!!!! I havent seen you in awhile!! Thank you for always coming to me when you have problems hehehe (((: Must always know that you can come to me when you have problems kaysss! I know this year had been not so good for you cause of so many shits but its okay!!! We're here! heheh I love you Hannah !!! <3
Jiayi: YOU YOU YOU! This year had been so so great with you man<3 Not a single part of 2015 that I spent with you was unhappy. I love to be around you really ! You're just so so nice and your presence itself is enough. Thank you for the very wonderful year Jiayi! I love you <33
Jovy: MY ASSEMBLY BUDDY! I miss you so freaking much and I have so much to tell you when school reopen!! thankyou for taking my bullshits this year man, I couldn't be more grateful for you! I love you Jovy!!!! <3
Natasha: Hey babe! <3 I am honestly very thankful for you. Thankful that you came to this school and being in the same clique is definitely a joy for me! Thankyou for all the smiles you have brought to me! And I'm sorry for what happened to you this year and I hope that 2016 will be better for you! Thankyou for being my books buddy!!1 Stay pretty babe! I love you Natasha! <3
Joys: Hey Mei! We did so much in 2014 but it seems like we did more this year too! Thankyou for always being the one who hangs out with me and taking most of shits, came and visit me when my leg got bitten and brought so much food for me. You're the one I'm most most thankful for. I know I dont show it much but I feel so blessed to have as my really good sis! In school, you probably knows me best and almost inside out maybe hahahaa! I'm so thrilled to spend 2016 with you! And cheers to more adventures with you! I love you Joys!! <3


Secondly, I wanna thank my best guy friend AKA my bro!!!! MYO KHANT. He prolly took alot of shits actually. We quarreled so much this year and its so unbelievable man. But still thankyou for always helping me, listening to me when I rant and also gaming with me and carrying me to Silver 3 YAY (: heheheh !
hopefully 2016 would be a better year for us and carry me more pl0x! Love you (AS A FRIEND AND SIS KAYS) 

Thirdly, I wanna thank Columbus! You guys seriously became like my family!! You guys are like an important part of me now and throughout the 3 outings, I felt so much closer to you guys! And every outing means so much to me! Thanks for all the wonderful memories in OBS and the outings! You guys are definitely the best! I love y'all so so much!!

Lastly, my family and relatives! This year had been so fun with you guys!! Especially this year's Christmas Party!! Thanks for all the preparation! The food was definitely really yummy and I love it!! Every moment spent with you guys is definitely worthwhile and I cant deny that I actually love it a lot! And I cant wait to spend more gatherings with you guys!! Thank you for all the support you guys have given me! I love you guys to the moon and back! <3

That's actually all about it! There wont be a collage this year cause I've already dedicated it! But still I hope you all would have a wonderful New Year! Cheers to this last post of 2015! I'm super thankful to those who read my online 'diary'! <3 I love you guys!!! I hope to update more in 2016 during my free time! Oh and remember to read the post below this if you wanna know about my OBS experience! Finally for the last time in 2015! 
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses! 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

OBS Leadership Camp experience

As the title says, I'll be sharing with you guys about my experience at OBS which is also known as 'Outward Bound Singapore'. The duration of my camp was 5 days 4 nights and our location was in Pulau Ubin and Camp 2 of OBS. Just FYI, I went on the 23/11-27/11 :D

Before the camp:
I was honestly super not prepared for this camp at first and I actually kind of regretted signing up for it even before I went for it because of all the post other people had posted and it was all bad and I was just super duper scared that I would not enjoy my time there but everything changed when I met those 15 people that I now cherish so damn much.
Those 15 are Azah, Felicia, Janice, JiaYing, Joel, Josaiah, Karen, Louisa, Nat, Riz, Shermaine, Wei Zhe, Wen Jie, Ying Xin, Zul. 

Anderson Sec was like literally the first to arrive at the gathering place which is Punggol Jetty and we waited for like all the other schools and we had to spilt up with our own schoolmates and join our new watch (aka group). And it was time to bid the Anderson family goodbye.

At first it was just super awkward and I was just conversing with my school friends from the same watch. Slowly as it progressed, we were introduced to our instructor and our watch name. Khai was my instructor and Columbus is my watch's name.
It was kinda awkward at first when we were introduced to each other but we played some ice breakers to be more comfortable with each other and slowly we became closer. And soon, it was time to board the boat to our campsite. Throughout the ride, it was still kinda awkward because we still didn't each other quite yet but it was nice to have small talks with them.

After we've reached the campsite, we settled in, found our store and we continued playing more games. There was this one game that made my watch bond and trust each other. We had to cross the river with bricks and planks and we had to communicate and that was so important. In the end, we were the first watch to cross the river and we were overjoyed though there were no price but we were just so happy that we managed to complete it with the help of everyone including people from other watches :) Slowly, lunch came and we had our rations of food also known as 'Happy Food'. Probably my fav bag of things :D

Moving on to dinner, we had to do outdoor cooking. Outdoor cooking wasn't anything foreign to me cause I do it in CCA too but in OBS, they use solid fuels which was a faster way to start fire rather than punks, twigs and kindlings. Dinner that night was alright other than the rain that came down and we had to move indoors to cook. After dinner, we had so much time to shower that we ended up having time to chitchat and lepak at OUR bench. Yes we literally claimed that bench as ours cause we really spent quite some time there with each other and there was where we share our talks, laughters and where memories were created. DAYUM not that deep but there luh. Soon night came and at first, the plan was me sleeping with my 3 other Anderson friends but instead, I chose not to and insisted in sleeping with my new found friends and istg, I didn't and never would regret that decision. They were honestly the best tent mates I could ever ask for. As for the night, I couldn't sleep at all and I was just staring at the trees the entire night and I wondered how the rest could sleep so soundlessly. Kissing the night goodbye and there I was awaiting the next morning.

It was the day of the Sea expedition.
We woke up, brushed our teeths, had our breakfast and it was time for the briefing for the packing for the expedition.After that and all the packing, we were ready to test our PFDs but it started to rain so we had our lunch in the shelter. After lunch, it was still raining so we all decided to sleep. I didnt really sleep though I couldn't sleep the last night.. but at least i had company (: My best friend who's in the other watch kept me company! we talked and joked about so much stuff till the rain stopped and we could test out our PFDs and get rowing!! 
At around 3.30-4, we were ready to set off! But sadly, we couldnt make it to the destination that we wanted so we had to go to this site that have tons of sandfly;(
After reaching the campsite, we had to unload the stuffs from the safety boat and arrange it neatly according to our watches. While packing some stuff, my hands started feeling really itchy and I pulled up my sleeves to see myself having rashes. It wasnt very bad until the next day but it was pinkish. After unpacking, we had to pitch our tents and prepare dinner. Soon, dinner was ready and we had all changed out of our wet clothes:/
After dinner, it was debrief and also briefing about the next day. Our destination for the day was Punggol Jetty. Soon, it was bedtime and this time finally, I've gotten some sleep......

beep beep beep! It was 5.55am but before that my tent was doing patrol duty and we were doing the last shift. After that, my friend and I went ahead to brush our teeth and change our clothing. At around 7-7.30am, we were ready to start rowing! But sadly, I had rashes so they didnt let me row :/
After setting off for around and hour or so, I decided to switch with my friend cause I felt really bad and she was having headache as well.. After rowing for awhile, I felt my rashes starting to itch and when I pulled up my sleeves I realised it was getting worse.. And I quickly noted the instructors, they applied calamine and it got slightly better at least I thought it was getting better but it wasnt. They noted the Medical Centre and I was transferred to the safety boat and was waiting for another boat to bring me to the medical centre. Soon the yellow boat came and I was separated from my watchmates and instructors ;(  The boat ride to Camp 1 which was where the Medical Centre was located, it was super windy and I was quite nervous as I didn't know what happened to me so the chilly wind kinda calmed me down and I also took the chance to look at how beautiful Pulau Ubin was. After reaching Camp 1, we immediately went to the Medical Centre. They looked at my rashes and told me that they can't conclude what exactly it was but it was most probably caused by dirt. I quickly cleaned it up by washing it with clean water and they gave me a cream to apply and after applying the cream, they told me to rest for awhile until they receive further notice. I was just lying on the bed and unknowingly, I fell asleep.. At around evening time, Khai came in. I was shocked but at the same time really happy. He even told me what happened when I wasn't with them and they apparently went through 2 thunderstorms. Honestly, I was actually freezing in the medical centre and it seemed like Khai came to my rescue xD I was able to join my watchmates for dinner afterwards and the nurses gave me shower gel to let me clean myself up and get changed into cleaner clothes. After shower, dinner was ready and I was so touched that Ying Xin decided to share with me even though I wasnt around at that moment. She was so so nice and I was just super touched by that. After cleaning up everything, we went somewhere to talk about the day and played some games and Khai told us a scary but not so scary ghost story hehehehehee. As that ended, it was time for us to grab our tents and proceed to another location for our sleep. But as we were going to grab our tents, my rashes started to act up again and by that I meant it started itching and swelling again. And I had to sleep in the Medical centre that night and I felt super bad. Khai also told me if I'm too cold, I could just ask them for another blanket. At first, it felt kinda lonely in the medical centre and my mind was filled with thoughts that made me tear up because i felt extremely bad for Columbus. And slowly, I fell asleep. During around 2-3am, the nurse woke me up to eat a medication to stop the itch for my rashes and I went back to my sleep.

At around 4-5am, I woke up again realising there was another blanket on me and I was wondering who could've put it on me. At around 7+, I was waken up by Khai telling me I could join them for the day's activities and I was overjoyed because I didn't wanna be stuck inside the medical centre as I thought that I'd freeze to death. He then found me a pants to wear and some rubber shoes as my stuffs were all packed. I then joined back my boat and they were all really glad that I came back yay! So we started rowing to our destination again and this time it was back 'home' AKA Camp 2! I was so glad that we were finally going back. After rowing for awhile, rashes came back again and I was honestly getting super irritated cause I was once again being separated from my watchmates. I had to go to my instructors' boat:/ At that time, I was just wearing a normal shirt without sleeves and my instructor was scared that I would get sunburnt so he took off his arm sleeves and let me wear it instead. He was so so niceee. Being in the safety boat wasnt so bad after all.. The instructors tried to crack jokes to keep my mood up and we played many funny games as well. But after awhile, Khai's arms got sunburnt instead ;( At that point I honestly felt really really bad.. I returned the arm sleeves and covered my arms with a towel instead. Khai felt that I would get sunburnt soon as I was sitting in a corner all the time and not moving so he asked me if I mind getting poured in water. I hesitated for awhile but after seeing him do it, I told him yes. And he poured it on me. Holy mama it felt so shiok!!!!! Like I just dipped in the pool or something. It felt so so good. Then I realised after awhile, my friends were all looking at me like as if trying to question me did I just jump in the water or something. It was really very refreshing and Khai poured water on me a few times just so I dont get sunburnt. But at the same time, they were teasing me cause apparently I applied sunblock everywhere except my nose and they said I looked like Rudolf. And they were happily singing the song. And I quickly tried to apply more sunblock. sighpie poor me;( 
At around noon time, rashes started acting up again, and we were pretty close to Camp 1 so they decided to send me back again but the medical centre sent me back again cause I was back for the same reasons.. But it wasnt my fault that I had rashes ;( And after that I was sent back to Camp 2, got my stuff and Khai told me to get a shower first, clean up and just wait for them at the store. After the shower, it felt so damn relaxingggg. After that, I just waited for everyone to be back and they went off to shower after that as well. I had to find Khai afterwards to apply calamine on my rashes. Soon, dinner came and this time I was able to help them out and again I shared my food with Ying Xin again hehehe (: Night came, debrief came and sleep came quickly....

Its the beep, beep, beep again!! YAY!!! It was finally the day to go home and wow I kinda didn't miss home that much actually. Even though I had rashes, I had a great time with them too hahaha.
Usual routine already, wake up, unpitch tent, brush teeth and it was time for our morning workout! We were warned last night that it would be tough and we gotta be prepared. But guess what? We did Zumba. It was so unexpected but it was actually simple workout and they were playing really nice music for us and it turned out to be fun and we did perspire. I actually enjoyed myself very much and I thought I could use this idea when I get back to school. After exercising, breakfast came. It was the last breakfast with Columbus and inside, I felt really really upset. But still, I had a nice breakfast as Khai brought hot water for us and we made milo!! After breakfast and all the cleaning up, we gathered with Khai and he gave us our little booklet and some questions for us to reflect and think about the past 4 days. After we finished writing, we went to a different place and gathered in a circle to share what we've written. I was so glad that it was going the other way which meant that I wouldn't have to speak up first and I felt so relieved. But after awhile, one of my friends couldn't really express her words out, and it went the other way and I knew soon, its gonna be my turn. Soon, my turn came.. I looked at my booklet but I decided not to look at it.. But really over the past 5 days, I've really learnt alot and also went through alot. Like the different skills and values that can be applied in school and CCA. Being with Columbus was definitely a joy, They were really nice, fun and comfortable to be with. [at this point, my tears couldn't hold back itself and I just started to cry and cry] And even though I had rashes, the expedition was still really fun and engaging. But honestly, I felt super bad for each one of them because of my rashes, my boat had one less person and I left them to row on their own.. [sighpie i cried even more badly here omg] I've actually learnt alot of stuff throughout this camp and also I've learned to be more independent and be less afraid of the waters. My highest moments were: Columbus' 'lepak' moments <3 and my lowest moments were: my night in the medical centre definitely.. After that, Khai gave us a ball twine asking us to throw the ball of twine to someone we wanna thank or apologise. During that, I couldn't help but continue tearing up as everyone spoke their thanks and when it was my turn, I wanted to throw that twine to Khai because throughout the camp, he really helped me alot and took such a great care of me and I was beyond thankful.. 
Soon, we had to take our bags and move to another gathering area and wait for the ferry to fetch us back to the Punggol Jetty. Before that, we quickly took group pictures with Khai and many solo pictures with the Columbus gang! Soon, the ferry came! And after around 10 min, we reached Punggol Jetty. After buying our shirts from the souvenirs shop, we were ready to go yay! That day I was happy that my dad could come to fetch me back home as I honestly did not want to take public transport home as I was so so so so tired. But before going home back at Pulau Ubin, I cried alot sighpie... Haizz but after the camp, that night I actually cried again. It was so hard to say goodbye to this bunch of really wonderful people... It felt so wrong to be leaving the 15 of them and I really really did not want to leave them... Without the 15 of you guys, I would never have make it through OBS really and I couldn't be thankful enough for you guys (':

Overall, OBS had really taught me alot of stuffs and I'm really grateful for this experience. Not just the experience, but the wonderful new friends that I got to make and know better, the very very nice instructor that took great care of me when I was having rashes. But leaving Pulau Ubin without a proper goodbye and a thankyou to Khai was probably my worst regret of all.. 
So Khai, thank you so much for taking care of me throughout the camp.. Really sorry that you got sunburnt because of me;( Woke up from your sleep and came back down to the medical centre to check on me and upon seeing me squirmed up like a prawn, you placed another blanket on me. I am honestly really grateful to have you as my instructor. You have brought so much laughter to Columbus though your jokes are pretty lame sometimes but still they never fail to make me smilee.. Thank you once again and I feel so blessed to have a instructor like you, so thank you so so much (':
Oh and Columbus, thank you guys for being the best watchmates that made me feel so loved my everyone and especially my tent buds!! You guys had made such a huge difference to my 2015 life and you guys surely became a great part of it! I love you all and Happy New Year Columbus <3

Lastly to end this off, I know this is like an extraordinary post cause its like so so so so so longggg and like if you really really read it up till here, I'm frankly really touched and I'm so thankful that you would take your time to read this so thank you.
AND BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS, DO READ THE POST ABOVE IF YOU HAVEN'T ABOUT MY 2015!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always !!!!! <3

Hugs & Kisses! 

Friday, 4 December 2015

Books II and Seventeen

hey people of the internet! its been too long isnt it hahahaha XD really sorry for the super late update:/ somehow wanted to update but i just didnt know when was the right time too and i was just procrastinating too much..
but on a good note, im back yay.

Firstly and recently, I finished reading all 3 books of The Hunger Games!! yayyyy reviewing time :D

The Hunger Games:
Since the movie came out like 3 years ago and 3 years after then I started reading it. More or less was expecting what was gonna happen like the reaping, interviews and what happened in the arena.. But honestly through reading, it seems more thrilling than the movie itself. And it was rather interesting like you can truly know how Katniss had felt about Peeta. And that part when Rue was killed by a spear(?) it was probably the saddest part in the story..
On the whole it was really nice and I moved to the next book (:

Catching Fire:
The movie came out 2 years ago and it was a pretty thrilling movie too. Like the Quarter Quell that happened and it required all districts' victors. In the book, i would say the movie was better? but the book was rather interesting and it was really nice to read it!! There's so much more info to those games and before the games! And when Katniss shot the arrow to the forcefield, BAMMMMMMM!
it was so good!! okay im crazy hahaha and they progressed to the next and last book (:

The movie was rather disappointing actually... But the book was actually super good and thrilling to read. Like there was alot of exciting scenes and parts like how the Capitol planted so many pods to try to kill the rebels and how the rebels unite all the 13 districts. But I don't think killing to solve something is a good solution? Like I believe there are other solutions to it other than killing and the last part when Katniss killed Coin instead of Snow (oops did I spoiler too much), was so shocking like I was so blur and confused about what was happening but its okay I cleared my doubt yay :D
I just watched Part 2 of Mockingjay not too long ago and I found the movie quite disappointing as I've earlier cause it was literally the same as the book so there wasn't much thrill but rather the book was so much better to read, so I guess it compromises.

Well yay, that's all for The Hunger Games and we have to bid the series goodbye but we can always relive the series again by reading the books again yay. Also, I've just started like 2 weeks ago reading Percy Jackson's series of books and am currently just on the second book, yes I'm slow LOL. But the first book like usual was super good and I enjoyed every bit of it!! It was way more awesome than the movie actually, oooops. But yeah, I just realised something, DO I SOUND LIKE A BOOKWORM??:(

MOVING ON cause I sound like a bookworm:(

I'm gonna talk about my current obsession (other than reading HAHAHA). It is none other than the rookie KPOP group called 'Seventeen'! I'm honestly going crazy over them like literally cray AHAHA, I sound so insane oh my>< But I really really like them!! And I couldn't help it but preordered their album and my kind friend bought me their album too!!! For the album I bought myself, I got my fav guy Mingyu's PC and for my friend's I got The8's!! I was so happy when I saw that I got Mingyu actually like I wasn't expecting it and I was just so happy cause I just came back from *ahem*camp (soon posting about it). Like that was the best gift I could receive after camp and I was honestly beyond happy!!! I was like over the rainbows! Yeah, listening to their songs everyday and watching their live performances to watching their dance practice videos, I slowly slowly love them more and more every single day and MANSAE is super awesome btw and you guys should totally check them out!!!!!! Besides that, they actually make their own music and choreograph their own dance too!! Yes, they are super talented and so hardworking and they honestly earned my respect. Seventeen project was so good and I felt so bad about the remarks they received and wanted to tell them they were so good and just compliment them. But I can't sadly cause I'm not in Korea HAHAHA but I'm always mentally supporting them :D
GO SEVENTEEN, continue to SM17E <3 [ go check them out pls ]

This post seems rather lengthy and i'm gonna end it here now cause I'm gonna post about my OBS camp experience. Yes, I said it yay and yes, I attended the camp from 23Nov-27Nov and it was probably the best part of 2015! Sorry again for updating this late and I honestly loveyou if you read it up till here!!

Thankyou so much for reading!! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses !

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Many things happened recently and I would say mostly was bad. A problem which I'm not even supposed to be involved which started on 14/08, still hasn't been solved and that is resulting me in losing this friend.

This particular problem haunts me every single day and not a second do I not dwell on it. My guilt eats me up every fucking day. A problem between 2 guys became mine just because I was siding my best guy friend. But after talking to many third party POV, I realised that I was indeed biased. I am sorry for not keeping my word. But I didn't even reveal the entire convo while you just openly SS-ed our convos and you didn't consider how I would feel.

You don't know how I feel when he told me that you don't wanna talk to me anymore. How could you even say that? How? I don't get it. I bet you forget the close times we spent together and not mentioning the times I waited with you. Do you actually even cherish me in the first place? I bet you didn't even saw me crying because of what you said on Friday. I was so hurt. You won't even know how it felt like. It was like knives in my heart. My heart sank at those words. I felt so dejected or even worse.

Words of advice from other people : "It's his lost if he let you go. Not yours." These words are still currently being processed by my brain. Like that's what others may think but how come does it feel like its the other way around? Many told me to just cheer up and not think about it anymore but I just can't. The more I try not to think about it, the more it gets in my head. Now i'm just so afraid to even talk to you and I don't know how anymore. I'm so lost, so hurt. I appreciated the hi last night but I was asleep when you texted. When I woke up this morning, what did I get? Blue ticks. Blue ticks. Do you even know how blue ticks actually hurt people. Yes, it shows that you saw my messages but I just don't get why you can't reply to it.

If you actually asked around, for the past 2 weeks I had been feeling super sulky. Ever question why I felt that way? Its because I perhaps cared a little too much and thought too much too. I should've just let go but why am I still this persistent? Because I fucking care. I'd rather gain friends than lose them. I seriously think that I care too much that I almost forget what I actually lived for. You might not even see this but if you do, please at least reply my messages. I don't what else to do anymore and I don't wanna feel lost too...

Sorry that you guys have to be reading such downhearted post. I just wanted to get what's in chest out.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Anderson NDP 2015 ; HAPPY SG50

Finally its here!!! Yes, 6 August had finally past and I'm purposely posting this in midnight because its 9 August so
Later in the evening, I'll be going to the Floating Platform with my friend to watch the show (:

So back to 6 Aug, every school probably had their Parade and concert for National Day celebration and my school wasn't an exception. This year instead of being part of the contingent, I was the Contingent Commander. It was so surreal that I couldn't believe it myself. Oh and this year is my 3rd and last year participating in this parade. I'm so glad that I was part of this for the past 3 years! I've learnt so much from it. The best part of it has to be working with the other uniform groups! It was honestly really fun working with Darryl (NCC CC), Claire (SJAB CC) she was the best amongst all to work with, Germaine (NPCC CC) and lastly, Joys (NPCC GOH CC). 
Being part of the command group was really super cool!>< I also get to work with Mr Don Eu, the parade coordinator. The person behind the scenes who guide us to perfection for the parade! Worked with him for the third time and I can't deny that I had learnt so much from him and definitely enjoyed myself under his guidance!

Before the parade, I was about to have a panic attack and mental breakdown. Like I was legit about to cry because it was finally the actual thing and I was so afraid that I would make mistakes and let my contingent down.. But thanks to my contingent, I managed to pull myself through by blabbering a little to myself and their endless encouragements and cheers. I'm so grateful for them, if not for them, I might've looked super nervous and scared during the parade. Yeah, so glad that the parade went so well and no doubt it was for me, the best so far out of the 3 years!
Really thankful for my contingent for being so cooperative with me, even though I had high expectations and making them stay back for extra sessions just to perfect their drills. I know I had put alot of pressure on myself because I wanted the best for them but it probably lead to me breaking down several times. But nonetheless, my contingent did well and I'm super proud of them.

Well, after the parade was the concert. Definitely took my time to go up to hall and by the time we went up, other UGs from my cohort were all sitting behind and that didn't stopped me from joining them. We caused such a havoc hahhaah, Well not exactly havoc but we were like having our own UG concert instead. It was so fun, we were all in each other's arms singing along to National Day songs. Enjoyed myself throughout the concert thanks to the amazing company of my UG friends <3 
OMG we should totally hang out together HAHAHA #UGsquadgoals

This post may not be as interesting for you but it honestly means a lot to me. I also know that this seems like a short post but this is entirely dedicated to this year's parade. Yeah, haha really wanna thank Ms Farn, for giving me this opportunity to be the CC for my CCA and entrusting me to this important task and constantly giving me encouragements cause I always looked stressed up and tired. Thank you for giving me words of encouragement and advice the other day because of what happened and it affected me deeply. I honestly couldn't ask for a better CCA teacher. Thank you<3
So yeah, parade's over and that's the end of my ndp parade journey in school and I hope my juniors will do my CCA proud next year! 

Cheers to this year's parade!       SG50AndersonNDPHOORAH <3

So that's it for this post, thank you so much for reading, love y'all! Once again, Happy Birthday Singapore! <3
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always!

Hugs & Kisses !

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Halfway thru July

Hey all! It has been a hell of  3 weeks for me in school. It went pretty bad and good I would say.. It had its worst and best. But firstly, Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to all my Muslim friends and teachers and everyone! Hope y'all will enjoy this time!

Moving on, as for CCA now. All UGs in my school are all practising for our school's national day parade. Its so surreal because I can't believe its my 3rd and last year participating in it:/ I'm surely gonna miss the tiring, under the scorching sun and fun trainings with all UGs and Mr Eu :/ As of this year, I'm not exactly in the contingent rather I'm outside the contingent xD Well hahaha, I'm the Contingent Commander.
During the first session, no shit I was panicking about how I would do and what if I did something wrong and stuff. My mind was so filled with worries but I gotta thank my nice UG friends for giving my endless and countless supports and encouragements!^^ I LOVE YOU GUYS OMG hehehe. There are more trainings to come and I hope I won't screw up>< 
I'll update you guys after 6 August (;

Moving on~
CA2 and SA2 are coming soon and they will be over quickly like a bullet train. I really just wanna get over the papers ASAP and enjoy my holidays (i think i'll be working LOL). But nonetheless, I wanna not worry about my exams :/ They are really a pain in the ass. Starting of the year, I was doing really good in my accounts but I'm honestly not sure about now. I was scoring an A1 but now I think I might honestly fail. Ever since my POA teacher changed, my results dropped so tremendously. Like there was a vast difference in the scores and results. I don't understand shit in class which clearly means that the teacher isn't teaching us in the right way. But luckily, the foundation of my accounts isn't that bad. If not, I'll probably flunk the entire year. 

Studies and school aside,
On the day of Hari Raya, my family and relatives had a nice picnic at... PASIR RIS Park.

Bet you were all guessing it to be East Coast Park. Well, we finally learned that there were not many people at Pasir Ris Park and it was nicer like that and it didn't seem that crowded compared to ECP. Everything was nice. The companionship, the food which was super awesome as it was homecooked. THERE WAS CHICKEN CURRY so I couldn't complain much and my fav bee hoon cooked by my awesome aunt <3 , and the laughter, the smiles I see on everyone's face (: Glad that we all had a great time at Pasir Ris Park like we always do when we have gatherings like this :D I can't wait till the next one and definitely can't miss out the scumptious food! 

(took this without them knowing (; ) 

I know this is a really short update but oh well I haven't update for like almost a month now (OMG oops). I honestly didn't realise it was that long too><
But I guess the next time that I'll update would most slightly be the national day break. Well, I can't wait HAHAHAHA. Cause it'll will be a long break ;D
I'm really grateful if you actually read this post or even up till here haha><
Thank you for reading and I LOVE YOU ALL <3
In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !

Monday, 22 June 2015

Garena Carnival 2015

Hey all ! hahaha so as the title says, this post will be mainly about my experience at Garena Carnival 2015.
I guess many may not know so yeah this was my second time going to garena carnival and it was honestly 'Twice the SIZE, Twice the FUN'. The venue was bigger, games booths had larger space and the seating area was also larger. Well, I must admit that this year's one was way better than last year's.

Day 1:
Like the usuals, it was the Blackshot Finals. Didn't really paid much attention till I think half way through the match as my friend and I were just mainly shopping at Suntec City and walking around the carnival. There were many booths and also not forgetting the freaking awesome cosplayers! Since there's League of Legends, there were many people who cosplayed the different champions of the game. I must honestly admit that they were so good and they all looked pretty. My favourite was the Pool Party Lee Sin and Debonair Ezreal !>< The ezreal guy was really handsome and cute hehehee><

Pool Party Lee Sin :D   (yes, his abs are real)

Even though I didn't paid much attention the blackshot game, if I didn't remember wrongly, this time TeamSAGE won. Well, I somehow expected NGS to win but no:< nevermind haha have next year ;D After the matches, my friend and I caught lunch at Soup Spoon. Suntec City's soup spoon's interior is way prettier and somehow classier than Paragon's (im just saying)

When we went back after lunch, we were just in time for TLC. The teams competing were NyanZone and ThirstyChinchillas. I didn't have a particular favourite but I kinda like Insidious Gaming Legends hehehe. I wasn't sure how many matches they played as we left after the first but NyanZone won so haha.
On the whole, day 1 was great but I was definitely looking forward to day 2!

Day 2:
Woke up early for this day haha. Was somehow a little excited I must admit haha. Well, when we reached, we were pretty bored cause we didn't wanted to watch the Fifa match so we went to H&M to shop, actually not much shopping but more like taking nice pictures inside the fitting room. We literally made good use of that big fitting room, its lighting, mirror and even its bench! Trust me, when it comes to pictures, your brain becomes creative. Well, it was kinda fun taking those pictures. Can't deny that they aren't pretty because they are HAHA and geez the lighting was so good.

OMG HAHA back to the carnival! We went back and watched the last bit of the Fifa match not knowing what was going on but still haha. Well, after awhile we got kinda bored so we went around finding cosplayers to take pictures. Day 2's cosplayers were much more than Day 1's and they are looked stunning ! My favourite has to be the original Lee Sin skin cosplayer! He is so funny and friendly hahahaha. And when I say original skin, it meant that he is blind. Like legitly blind. HAHAHA

p.s. I know this photo looks funny xD

As for the cosplayers, many cosplayed as Ahri, Katarina, Annie, Ezreal, Lee Sin, Janna, Ashe, Riven. Also the more unique ones like Star Guardian Lux (the new skin), Rammus, Azir, Rek Sai, Le Blanc, Garen, Caitlyn, Darius, Orianna and Jarvan IV, Fiddlesticks, Yasuo. (I know that was alot!><) Yeah there was a cosplay competition held and guess who won?  RAMMUS! Well, can't deny that he isn't cute LOL. 
those were the cosplayers who participated in the competition

On Day 2 was the finals for TLC, and yaassss its IGL vs NYZ. Harleluyar. hehehee it was nothingg unless you know what I'm talking about><
I clearly remembered shivering throughout the 5 matches. Holy geez, the venue was so cold. IGL dominated the first match but then somehow lost the second:( and a few other rounds.. Was somehow upset the they came in second place.. But they were so good!!! LY4 and his Hecarim ><
Was glad that I came for this year's day 2 as it was clearly much more fun than day 1 and I sure had lots of fun and definitely enjoyed myself! 

In a nutshell, Garena Carnival 2015 was clearly a blast for me! I most definitely had loads of fun and I sure had taken loads of photos. Couldn't be happier than I already am haha. This year was Twice the size and Twice the fun ;) So what about next year? I'm hoping it would be as good as this year's or even better!! hehehehe, I can't wait till next year's Garena Carnival already!! It was great, everything was awesome ! 

So haha thank you so much for reading! Seems like a lengthy post to me but if you read it up till here you know I love you right? :* I kinda saved the best photo for the last so hehehe. Thank you so much for reading once again!!!! ILOVEYOU LOADS! In the meantime, stay awesome and be happy always! 

Hugs & Kisses !  #garenacarnival2015